Celebrate the Greenbelt's Birthday at your local farmers' market


The Greenbelt is having a birthday!

February 28th, 2015 marks 10 years since the Greenbelt Act established the largest greenbelt in the world. To celebrate, 14 Ontario famers' markets are holding birthday celebrations. 

The celebrations will include featured Greenbelt products, Greenbelt-themed goodies, and, if you drop by the Sorauren Farmers’ Market, even a Greenbelt Maple Syrup Festival.

Hope to see you there!

Full list of dates, times, and participating farmers' markets below.  

Carrot.pngBarrie Farmers’ Market - February 28, Morning

Carrot.pngCambridge Farmers' Market - February 28, All Day

Carrot.pngDufferin Grove Organic Farmers' Market - February 26, 3pm - 7pm

Carrot.pngWelland Farmers' Market - February 28, Morning

Carrot.pngEvergreen Brick works Farmers' Market - February 28, Morning

Carrot.pngKitchener Market - February 28, All Day

Carrot.pngHamilton Farmers' Market - February 28, All Day

Carrot.pngOwen Sound Farmers' Market - February 28, Morning

Carrot.pngThe St. Catharines Farmers' Market - February 28, Morning

Carrot.pngThe Stop's Farmers’ Market - February 28, Morning

Carrot.pngToronto Botanical Garden Organic Farmers’ Market - February 26, 2 pm - 7 pm.

Carrot.pngThe Village Market - February 28, Morning

Carrot.pngSorauren Farmers’ Market - February 23, 3pm - 7pm

Carrot.pngMontgomery Inn Farmers’ Market - February 25th, 3pm - 7pm

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