Farming in Ontario's Greenbelt: Possibility Grows Here


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Co-authoured by professor Wayne Caldwell, of the University of Guelph, and recognized expert on agricultural and rural planning issues, Farming in Ontario’s Greenbelt: Possibility Grows Here, provides recommendations to ensure economic prosperity and viability of farming in Ontario.

“The Greenbelt Plan was created, in part, to protect prime agricultural lands from urban development and our research shows that farmers can appreciate this,” says Caldwell. “While we heard diverse views from farmers, they maintain a strong commitment to a progressive and productive agricultural sector.”

Research conducted through consultations across the Greenbelt concludes that most challenges to farming are universal across the province and not a result of the Greenbelt Plan. Frustrations result from the layers and multiple interpretations of the regulations they face - not necessarily from the regulations themselves. Farmers suggested that successfully navigating through federal, provincial, and municipal regulations now takes much longer than previously. Many appreciate the opportunities of a near-urban location, including proximity to thriving economic activity and easier access to growing markets. 

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