Farmland at Risk


pdf-icon.pngFarmland At Risk (4 MB)

Farming in the Greater Golden Horseshoe has important economic and ecological benefits. Farmland at Risk, co-produced by Environmental Defence and the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, calls for improved land-use planning that views farmland as essential to the region – not as development land-in-waiting. The report outlines that Ontario needs to do a better job protecting farmland and helping farmers thrive.

Funded by Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation, the report highlights the many challenges facing farmers, and calls for a new perspective that views farmland as a valued finite resource, not as development land in waiting. The report provides recommendations for improving Ontario’s Growth Plan so that farming continues to generate jobs, contribute to our economy, ensure access to local food and provide important ecosystem services that benefit everyone in the Greater Golden Horseshoe.

To view an executive summary of Farmland At Risk click here

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