Grants: Frequently Asked Questions

To better assist you in getting the information you need, we've compiled a selection of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Q: What doesn’t the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation fund?

A: Typically, the Foundation does not consider requests for:

  • Primary research
  • Buildings and infrastructure
  • Capital campaigns
  • Deficit financing
  • Ecological restoration activities
  • Endowments
  • Establishing new farmers’ markets
  • Land claim disputes
  • Projects occurring outside, and with no direct benefit to the Greenbelt
  • Sponsorships, festivals, and events
  • Projects undertaken by other levels of government and government agencies

Q: What is a “qualified donee”?

A: A public charity can only make grants to qualified donees that are organizations that can issue official donation receipts according to CRA standards under the Income Tax Act.

Q: Do you fund municipalities or other government (tax supported) bodies?

A: No, the Foundation does not fund activities that are normally supported through public funds. This is true for any level of government be it municipal, regional, or provincial.

Q: Does the Foundation fund individuals?

A: No, grants are only made to registered Canadian charities or other qualified donees.

Q: Does the Foundation consider multi-year grants? What are the criteria?

A: Yes, we do consider multi-year grants for compelling and appropriate proposals. Multi-year grants are dependent on the availability of funds. 

Q: What is the maximum grant my organization can apply for?

A: The Foundation does not set maximum and minimum grant amounts. It is more useful to think in terms of applying for what your organization needs rather than applying for the maximum. If you have specific questions about the amount of your particular request, feel free to contact us.

Q: Does the Foundation fund salary and administration costs?

A: Yes, the Foundation will fund salary and administration costs for hiring new staff or extending the existing hours of current staff required to carry out the project. A reasonable proportion of management staff time for supervision will also be considered. 

Q: Does the Foundation fund projects that occur outside of the Greenbelt?

A: It is essential that each project has an obvious relation to, and direct impact on, the Greenbelt.

Q: Can I submit electronic copy instead of a hard copy for my Full Proposal?

A: No, we do not accept electronic copies in lieu of hard copies. Please submit the hard copies by the stated deadline, otherwise your application will not be considered. Only the Letters of Intent can be submitted electronically.


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