Toronto Environmental Alliance

TEA.pngGrowing the Greenbelt in Toronto
$200,000 (2 years)

TEA supports local efforts to grow the Greenbelt along Toronto's major urban river valleys, including the Humber and Don Rivers. This will ensure these watershed lands are permanently protected and connect millions of urban residents directly to the Greenbelt.  The project further celebrates the Greenbelt's 10th anniversary by engaging the public in activities that support the Greenbelt (buying local food, taking a hike) and sharing their stories with others online.  


Sierra Club Foundation

Sierra_Club.pngBuilding Towards 2015
$185,000 (2 years)

Sierra Club supports local efforts by Peel Region municipalities to grow the Greenbelt along their urban river valleys. Extending the Greenbelt into the urban reaches of the Credit River and Etobicoke Creek will ensure these watershed lands are permanently protected and connect another million people directly to the Greenbelt.  


Living City Foundation

Oak_Ridges_Moraine.pngConservation Authorities Moraine Coalition Report Card on Moraine and Greenbelt Lands
$150,000 (18 months)

The Oak Ridges Moraine protects the headwaters of 65 rivers that flow north and south of the Greenbelt and provide clean sources of drinking water and healthy corridors to allow the movement of plants, animals, and fish. A report card will publish scientific information about the health of the Moraine and adjacent Greenbelt watersheds and identify priority actions needed to make improvements.  


Environmental Defence

Photograph by Nigel FinneyOntario Greenbelt Alliance Creating a Lasting Legacy
$350,000 (2 years)
Photo Credit: Conservation Halton/NFinney

As the Greenbelt celebrates its first decade, its biggest champion, the Ontario Greenbelt Alliance, is connecting with residents to explore and reinforce the Greenbelt's role in sustaining a healthy future for the region.



Credit Valley Conservation

JimBradley-39_1_.jpgCounty Stewardship Network
$30,000 (1 Year)

The project launches a Countryside Stewardship Network along the Credit River. An online tool, the Network will engage private landowners to share stewardship experiences, celebrate accomplishments and generally strengthen a stewardship ethic within the watershed and environmental outcomes, particularly around protecting wetlands.


Toronto Botanical Garden

world-crops.pngWorld Crop Learning Garden 2013
$1,000 (1 year)

This project supports a 2013 World Crop Learning Garden at the Toronto Botanical Garden. Vegetables grown in the demonstration and teaching gardens showcase new varieties that Greenbelt farmers are testing in their fields and using to build a commercial market.


Ball's Falls Conservation Centre

Balls_Falls-sm.pngNiagara Escarpment Festival
$2,000 (1 year)

The Niagara Escarpment Festival celebrates the work of the organizations that are involved in the preservation enhancement of the Escarpment. The event features musical entertainment, displays and activities from nature groups and it was held on July 17, 2013.

Green Living Enterprise

2013-ontario-greenspaces-map.jpg2013 Ontario Greenspaces Map
$3,000 - March 4, 2013

This funding is approved to support the Big Map Project: Ontario’s Greenspaces. The map will be showcased at this year’s Green Living Show, held in April 12th -14th.  The fund goes towards production of the map, printing costs, and any costs associated with acquiring a booth at the Green Living Show.


Beamsville Bench Wineries Association

beamsville-bench-winery-trail.jpgBeamsville Bench Winery Trail
$11,500 - February 28, 2013

The Beamsville Bench Winery Association will develop and launch a low-impact trail for residents and visitors to access seven (7) working vineyards in the heart of Niagara’s Greenbelt and reinforce the importance of viticulture and the value of the Greenbelt.


Pembina Institute

Priced_Out.pngPriced Out: Understanding factors that affect home prices in GTA
$24,775 (3 months)

With the Royal Bank of Canada as a partner, Pembina Institute will release a study assessing the key factors responsible for housing price increases in the GTA, which the objective to determine if the protection of the Greenbelt can be ruled out as a key driver.  The study, however, will be conducted in an unbiased manner examining all factors equally.


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