Greenbelt Grows to Protect Urban River Valleys and Coastal Wetlands

In May 2017, the Greenbelt grew to include 21 major urban river valleys and associated coastal wetlands across the Greater Golden Horseshoe.

By connecting the rural lands of the Greenbelt to Lake Ontario, we have made a critical first step towards protecting the hydrological and natural heritage systems we depend on for clean water and climate resiliency across the region. 


From Niagara to Northumberland, extending Greenbelt protection to river valleys offers a opportunity to connect urban residents with cultural and natural heritage unique to their regions and provide a gateway to the rural landscape of the Greenbelt. 

Want to know if your local river was included? Take a look at the map and the list below.

  • Twelve Mile Creek
  • Fifty Creek
  • Grindstone Creek
  • Bronte Creek
  • Fourteen Mile Creek
  • Sixteen Mile Creek
  • Credit River
  • Etobicoke Creek
  • Humber River
  • Don River
  • Morningside Creek
  • Rouge River
  • Duffins Creek
  • Carruthers Creek
  • Lynde Creek
  • Oshawa Creek
  • Farewell Creek/Harmony Creek
  • Soper Creek
  • Wilmot Creek
  • Graham Creek