Join the movement to Grow Our Greenbelt! #GrowOurGB

Care about clean drinking water?

Then it's the time for the Greenbelt to protect "areas of critical hydrological significance" according to the expert Land-Use Advisory Panel that just released their recommendations to the Provincial Government.

It's a view shared by a coalition of over 100 environmental and community groups who, just months prior to the release of the panel's report, released a proposal to grow the Greenbelt into our sensitive water systems.

The proposal calls for a 1.5 acres expansion of the Greenbelt in order to protect critical drinking water sources and to ensure an abundant supply of clean water for agriculture and other businesses. 

The proposed expansion areas were identified through consultations with community organizations, Conservation Authority staff, professional ecologists/hydrologists, and elected officials.

The province is currently reviewing the panel's recommendations so if you support a expanded Greenbelt that protects fresh water, agriculture, and environmentally sensitive land now's the time to share it!

Be part of the movement -  use #‎GrowOurGB on social media to follow the conversation and share your thoughts! 

Let's Grow our Greenbelt


Click here to see a larger version of the map.

The proposed expansion areas:

● are highly valued by the public as sources of clean drinking water and are critical to a healthy agricultural industry and biodiversity in the region;
● align with existing criteria developed by the province to grow the Greenbelt;
● respond to continued concerns over growth pressures on important sensitive environmental lands and the continuation of sprawl in select regions; and,
● are located outside of current urban boundaries needed to accommodate growth to 2041, and likely beyond

Read more about the new plan and the environmental and ecological impacts in our backgrounder and check out this Toronto Star article for more background on the visionary proposal. Let's #GrowOurGB!

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