• "Imagine my surprise on moving to Toronto to find that the city not only contains a giant ravine system—our equivalent to the canals of Venice—but that the rivers running through it also contain fish; quite a lot of them."

  • "Truth be told, I really like riding my bike. I like it so much that I have spent nearly a cumulative year of my life on cycling holidays, and in the first week of May I had the pleasure of adding one more feather to my cycling cap."

  • Support local producers, get outside, and get yourself Greenbelt-grown tree!


Happy Holidays from the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation!


Seasons Greentings from our team to yours, we wish you a happy holidays and a great New Year!


Credit Valley Conservation

peter-orphanos-memorial.jpgPeter Orphanos Memorial
$5,000 - December 21, 2012

This funding recognizes the contributions by the late Peter Orphanos to the Greenbelt and the Credit Valley. A memorial tree and plaque unveiling on April 21st commemorates Peter’s legacy.  A community tree planting event follows.



A Christmas Tree Tradition


Growing up in the Greenbelt was especially fun during the holiday season! Every year my family would drive out to a local tree farm and hike around to find the best tree we could. However, because our hard hearts had been softened by all of the Christmas cheer, we came home annually with a tree that looked less like the one in Clark Griswold'sliving room and more like the sad little tree (but the one most in need of love and warmth) from A Charlie Brown Christmas.



Peter Orphanos, A Dear Friend of the Greenbelt

Peter Orphanos, former Chair of Sierra Club for Peel Region, has passed away. Peter’s many achievements include helping to grow Ontario’s Greenbelt, as well as preserving the Credit River Valley Watershed. The Greenbelt has lost a good friend and Ontario, a champion of many significant environmental causes.


Twelve Days of Greenbelt


Christmas is just around the corner! With this in mind, staff at the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation compiled some festive fun happening around Ontario's Greenbelt. Take your family on a twelve days of Greenbelt tour! Make your holiday memories all Greenbelt grown!


Waterfront Regeneration Trust

greenbelt-cylcing-route.jpgGreenbelt Cylcing Route
$436,480 - December 13, 2012

The project connects visitors and residents to Ontario's Greenbelt through a continuous 600km cycling route that traverses seven Greenbelt regions from Northumberland to Niagara. The Route is intended for recreational cyclists and will encourage exploration of Greenbelt attractions, including nature, farms and rural towns. Partnerships with municipalities will ensure permanent maintenance, signage and marketing of the route. Other partnerships include local tourism operators and accommodation and restaurant spots through the Welcome Cyclist Network. The project has economic outcomes, as was demonstrated in 2007 when 1.5 million Canadian visitors spent $303 million on cycle tourism in Ontario.


Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association

community-conservation-and-stewardship-plan.jpgCommunity Conservation and Stewardship Plan
$87,000 - December 13, 2012

The grant helps strengthen the protection of the Northern Bruce Peninsula’s natural landscape by developing and championing a community conservation and stewardship plan. The plan will achieve measureable improvements to the ecological integrity of the area, enhance the capacity of community members to be more active stewards of the landscape, and deepen community connections with the Greenbelt.


Ontario Nature

roots-greenblet-phase-ii.jpgRoots of the Greenblet, Phase II
$75,000 - December 13, 2012

The project raises awareness of, and support for natural heritage system planning in the region, enabling stronger connections with natural heritage inside and outside the Greenbelt. The project works closely with municipal planners, conservation groups and ENGOs and encourages protection in areas facing future development (e.g. Whitebelt, Simcoe County).  Major activities include: 1) identification and documentation of leading-edge practices and the conditions under which these approaches were possible; and 2) the development and dissemination of a best practices guide to natural heritage system planning.


Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association

farming-power-green-energy-innovation-greenbelt.jpgFarming Power-Green Energy Innovation in the Greenbelt
$150,000 - December 13, 2012

The project involves a cost-share program to support Greenbelt farmers in adopting energy efficiency Best Management Practices. The program is an evolution of the Environmental Farm Plan, utilizing a cost-benefit analysis that rewards projects that achieve the greatest energy efficiency targets for the best price. Approximately 30 farm businesses will benefit directly from the program. Farmers will be recognized for their achievements and participation in this new program through an award ceremony.


Growing the Greenbelt Consultations


The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation is proud to share that starting this week, the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing is hosting a series of public consultations sessions on growing the Greenbelt.  The potential expansion includes the Glenorchy lands in Oakville and the addition of the Urban River Valley designation.