• "Imagine my surprise on moving to Toronto to find that the city not only contains a giant ravine system—our equivalent to the canals of Venice—but that the rivers running through it also contain fish; quite a lot of them."

  • "Truth be told, I really like riding my bike. I like it so much that I have spent nearly a cumulative year of my life on cycling holidays, and in the first week of May I had the pleasure of adding one more feather to my cycling cap."

  • Support local producers, get outside, and get yourself Greenbelt-grown tree!


Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association

farming-power-green-energy-innovation-greenbelt.jpgFarming Power-Green Energy Innovation in the Greenbelt
$150,000 - December 13, 2012

The project involves a cost-share program to support Greenbelt farmers in adopting energy efficiency Best Management Practices. The program is an evolution of the Environmental Farm Plan, utilizing a cost-benefit analysis that rewards projects that achieve the greatest energy efficiency targets for the best price. Approximately 30 farm businesses will benefit directly from the program. Farmers will be recognized for their achievements and participation in this new program through an award ceremony.


Growing the Greenbelt Consultations


The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation is proud to share that starting this week, the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing is hosting a series of public consultations sessions on growing the Greenbelt.  The potential expansion includes the Glenorchy lands in Oakville and the addition of the Urban River Valley designation. 


Toronto Environmental Alliance

engaging-communities-urban-river-valley-amendment.jpgEngaging Communities on Urban River Valley Amendment
$5,000 - December 3, 2012

With this grant Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA) engages communities on proposed amendments to the Greenbelt Plan that will add provincially owned lands in Oakville and a new Urban River Valley designation.


Statement from Burkhard Mausberg on the announcement of growing the Greenbelt


Photo published with permission and (C) Conservation Halton 2012


November 20, 2012

Statement from Burkhard Mausberg on the announcement of growing the Greenbelt 

Today, Burkhard Mausberg, CEO of the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation released the following statement on the Ontario Government announcement to grow the Greenbelt:


Foundation Grantees are Grande! Sustain Ontario and the Greenbelt Farmers' Market Network Talk Solutions on November 19th - Join in!


Farmers’ market voucher programs are popping up across North America as a means to connect low-income people with nutritious, local food, while at the same time supporting small-scale producers. While market voucher programs have commendable goals, there are still many questions that need to be addressed regarding the opportunities, barriers and viability of these programs in Ontario.


Fair Feathered Finery: Royal Poultry Show 2012


When it comes to protecting prime, productive agricultural land from urban development, Ontario's Greenbelt is the solution.  Packing an economic punch of more than $9 billion dollars annually for the province's economy, the Greenbelt is home to more than 5,500 farms, producing healthy local food from peaches and pears to beef, pork and poultry. 


Greenbelt Winery Recognized for Excellence


This week at the InterVin International Wine Awards, Southbrook Vineyards took home the 2012 Winery of the Year. In addition, they were awarded “Best in Show” for their Framboise, and placed handsomely for a variety of their decadent wines; bringing home medals for 13 of 17 creations entered.

Congratulations, Southbrook! You have always been a Friend of the Greenbelt and prove once more that possibility truly does grow in Ontario's Greenbelt. 


Around-the-world Farm Tour: to Brampton and Back

These days it’s not only farmers, food activists and chefs that are advocating for local food production. Everyday consumers are asking for local produce on their plates. For Ontario’s growing number of newcomers, this could mean okra, bitter melon, and yard long beans alongside the now ubiquitous crops of previous immigrant communities like potatoes, tomatoes, and lettuce. While backyard and community gardeners have long been representative of Ontario’s changing demographics, commercial farms are starting to catch on too. Through funding to Vineland Research and Innovation Centre and the World Crops Project, The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation has been supporting Greenbelt farmers in their transition to some of these new, diverse crops.  

Recently, as part of a tour coordinated through the Diasporic Foodways Conference held at U of T, I helped facilitate a tour to both a farm and garden in hopes of exploring the evolving intersection of local food and the newcomer communities that have settled in and around Ontario’s Greenbelt.


Halloween Fun in the Greenbelt!


Looking for some Halloween family fun? There are plenty of activities to look out for all over the Greenbelt this year for kids of all ages.


A Tibetan Pull Noodle Soup with Greenbelt World Crops!

I am writing this with lot of excitement as it is my first blog article about food and I want everyone in the Greenbelt to know about this great dish for the the fall and winter season.

This Tibetan dish is called thenthuk which means pull noodle. In Tibetan “then” means pull and “thuk” means noodle. It is my family’s favorite dish and it was a staple food for nomads in Tibet to keep warm.