• "The purpose of our excursion: to prowl for owls in the nighttime darkness of this urban woodland with our knowledgeable guide, Chris Bialek (a.k.a Snapper) to catch a glimpse of these mythical birds."

    -- Karen May

  • "I am grateful for the support the Greenbelt receives from all parties and thank each MPP for their continued commitment to the environment, the economy, and local food and farming."

    -- Burkhard Mausberg


Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation 2010-2011 Annual Report: Connecting Possibilities


This has been a year of creating our future, envisioning all that is possible and making long lasting and important connections with Ontarians and the world. We are dedicated to promoting and sustaining Ontario’s Greenbelt. We look forward to continuing to connect with Ontarians and making the Greenbelt part of the hearts and minds of families across the province.


World Crops, Local?


Okra--Poppy Seed Curry

As an immigrant to Canada, I’ve always appreciated Toronto’s diversity. I could almost forget that I’m not back in the Caribbean, if not for those crazy winter storms. I can get all the seasoning peppers, long beans, plantains, callaloo, okras, eggplants, and pumpkins to cook up a storm that I find back home.


Carrots, carrots, carrots!


Did you know that enough carrots are grown in the Holland Marsh to provide every man, woman and child in Canada with four pounds every year? 

Located just north of Toronto, in Ontario’s Greenbelt, Holland Marsh is known as Ontario’s “vegetable basket”, growing not only carrots but a copious variety of other crops: onions, lettuce, celery, potatoes, cauliflower, beets, radish and parsnips just to name a few. 


Peaches through coke bottle glasses


We all know that peaches are amazing. That aroma, that colour, that flavour, that…juice that runs down your arms and makes everything sticky (the lesser quality of the peach, which requires a sink for proper enjoyment.)

Something that you may not know is one of my favourite books: On Food and Cooking  by Harold McGee. It’s a veritable encyclopedia about the natural history and biology of everything from the chemistry of egg flavour, to what exactly a balsamic is, to what makes a smooth yogurt when I make it on my stovetop.


New Recipes New Crops


Courtesy of Nicholas Potovszky

Have you ever dreamed of a mouth-watering dinner plate? I know I have. Lucky for me, my dream became reality on Thursday night when I had the pleasure of indulging in a delicious plate of wholesome goodness at The Stop Community Food Centre. Not only was it wonderful but it was also grown right here in Ontario’s Greenbelt. The ingredients were fresh and flavourful. Local always tastes the best! 


The Caribbean Camera Highlights Summertime in Ontario's Greenbelt


From hiking and cycling, to canoeing and swimming; the adventures in Ontario's Greenbelt that can be found in the warmth and inspiring nature of summer are endless. 




It’s the time of year where fruits and vegetables are bountiful! I love buying local produce – they are picked only when fully ripe and delivered far more quickly than food from another province, country or continent.

Every Saturday during the summer months, my friend and I visit St. Lawrence market to pick up fresh goodies. Local produce tastes better, lasts longer and retains nutrients far longer than food shipped across endless kilometres.


World Crops featured in Thời Báo TV video


Thời Báo TV, Canada's Vietnamese Television, recently joined us on Fairmont Royal York's rooftop to see all of the new and delicious crops being grown there.


Trading Places, Greenbelt Style


Alright folks, the countdown is on. In T-minus 12 (business) days I’m swapping greenbelts!

In September I’ll be starting school in Ottawa, and so while I’m packing my books into boxes, and clothes into bins, I am also mentally preparing to make a greenbelt exchange. While the Ottawa Greenbelt may not be as large as the Greater Golden Horseshoe Greenbelt, at 50, 285 acres (versus our 1.8 million acres), I’ll try to be fair and give the Ottawa Greenbelt a chance to impress.  


This Ain’t No Easter Island


Photo Source: Michael Dunning/Getty Images

We recently released a report by Smart Cities Research titled “Inside and Out: Sustaining Ontario’s Greenbelt” regarding growth in the area nicknamed the “whitebelt”, which is the area south of the Greenbelt.

But before I share the reports conclusions, I’d like to share a quick little bit of history, which provides a dramatic parallel to our new report.