• "Imagine my surprise on moving to Toronto to find that the city not only contains a giant ravine system—our equivalent to the canals of Venice—but that the rivers running through it also contain fish; quite a lot of them."

  • "Truth be told, I really like riding my bike. I like it so much that I have spent nearly a cumulative year of my life on cycling holidays, and in the first week of May I had the pleasure of adding one more feather to my cycling cap."

  • We're excited to be taking part in Ontario's Agriculture Week celebrating farmers, growers and producers!

    October 6 to October 12 2014


Alternatives Journal

Publication of Greenbelt StoriesPublication of Greenbelt Stories
$12,000 - February 16, 2012

This funding will help increase public awareness of the Greenbelt and its economic, environmental and social benefits.  Through a series of six articles over three years, key research regarding the Greenbelt and the values associated with it will be shared. 


Romancing in the Greenbelt


Ontario's Greenbelt stretches across 1.8 million acres and offers many options for romantic getaways. From enchanting winery experiences along the Niagara Escarpment, to the exploration of Rouge Park in Markham, one can find the romance in the nature all around the Greater Golden Horseshoe area. It is all about the birds and the bees after all, isn't it?  


Mush! Slush! The 8th Annual Cannington Dog Sled Races & Winter Festival


Left: Carla Balabanowicz, Communications Coordinator, Bronwyn Whyte, Grants Officer 

I have to admit I was sad when I heard the actual races were cancelled. I even contemplated not going -- but Carla reminded me that there would still be lots to do, and urged me to come. Thank goodness for Carla, because Cannington was hopping that Saturday morning.


Living City Foundation

Tour de Greenbelt 2012Tour de Greenbelt 2012
$50,000 - February 3, 2012

This funding supports the Rouge Park Alliance in hosting the 2012 Tour de Greenbelt - a fresh air festival on wheels.  This annual family-friendly cycling event takes place in Ontario’s Greenbelt and for the first time, this year’s program will include hiking and running courses.  Activities supported by this grant include managing participant registration, route development, partnership and sponsorship development, and coordinating event logistics.


Not Just a Swamp


Today, environmental and conservation organizations are celebrating World Wetlands. Each year, groups from across the globe educate people on the importance of wetland protection. Coinciding with World Wetlands Day this year is the release of a new report from Foundation grantees: Ducks Unlimited, Ontario Nature, Ecojustice, and Earth Roots. The report highlights that land use policies across the Greenbelt are effective in protecting wetlands from most forms of development. This is particularly important given that three quarters of Southern Ontario’s original wetlands have been lost since European settlement.


Happy World Wetlands Day! From Guest Blogger Ducks Unlimited Canada


It's not something that smoothly rolls off the tongue like Valentine's Day or Groundhog Day, but it should. The day isn't greeted with traditional cards or television specials. Nor do wetlands get the public attention or affection they should. Recognizing the value of wetlands annually is important since they have a huge impact on our lives daily. 


Protecting Greenbelt Wetlands: How Effective is Policy?


pdf-icon.pngProtecting Greenbelt Wetlands: How Effective is Policy? – 4.23 MB

This report presents the findings of a two-year study that investigated the extent to which new legislation, policy and stronger legal standards are serving to protect and restore wetlands in Ontario's Greenbelt.

Undertaken by Ducks Unlimited Canada, Earthroots, Ecojustice and Ontario Nature, the study comprised four components: a comprehensive analysis of the legal and policy framework, a planners survey, nine case studies and an analysis of the cumulative impact of water takings. The report examines the strengths and weaknesses of the three provincial land-use plans in effect across the Greenbelt - the Niagara Escarpment Plan, the Oak Ridges Moraine Conversation Plan and the Greenbelt Plan, and their intersection with other law and policies relevant to wetland protection. 


World Crops: An Exciting Year in Review

Early last week the Globe and Mail featured an article on the growing popularity of world crops in Canada. Recognizing Canada’s rapidly changing demographics and the $800 million market, farmers and food retailers are beginning to seize this unique business opportunity by growing and selling world crops.



Student-run fine dining at Durham College's 'Bistro Max'


Last month, I was invited to experience one of Durham College’s most exciting accomplishments to date: an innovative teaching restaurant known as Bistro Max. Jointly run by the Hospitality Management and Culinary Skills Programme, this fine dining restaurant gives students hands-on experience in creating a luxurious environment in an unconventional setting. It’s currently run out of a local high school, Maxwell Heights Secondary, but you wouldn’t know it. A classroom with an adjacent kitchen has been remarkably transformed with impeccably set tables, silverware, polite servers, tantalizing scents from the kitchen and warm mood lighting. It’s easy to entirely forget the daytime function of the room.


Greenbelt drives economic opportunity, study says


Innovative planning aids advancement of food, farming and environment

By Lilian Schaer