• "Truth be told, I really like riding my bike. I like it so much that I have spent nearly a cumulative year of my life on cycling holidays, and in the first week of May I had the pleasure of adding one more feather to my cycling cap."

  • "Imagine my surprise on moving to Toronto to find that the city not only contains a giant ravine system—our equivalent to the canals of Venice—but that the rivers running through it also contain fish; quite a lot of them."

  • "A field guide is a well-known tool, a book, used to help identify things in the environment that may appear similar, but in actuality are quite diverse."

    -- Jenny Chan


Climate Change & Ontario's Greenbelt


Global Day of Action on Climate Change is upon us. On Saturday December 3, 2011, United Nations leaders will meet in Durban, South Africa to discuss the impacts and find solutions to climate change on a global scale. 


Biodiversity in Ontario's Greenbelt


pdf-icon.pngBiodiversity in Ontario's Greenbelt – 2.97 MB

In 2008, The David Suzuki Foundation released Ontario's Wealth, Canada's Future: Appreciating the Value of the Greenbelt's Ecological Services. Building on that research, this subsequent report, Biodiversity in Ontario's Greenbelt, showcases the significance of the Greenbelt for the diversity of life in Ontario and emphasizes the importance of system-based planning.


Oliver’s Garden Project


Piper & Oliver at the Ottawa St. Farmers' Market 


Q&A with Oliver Allen-Cillis


Toronto's Gourmet Food and Wine Expo 2011


The most exciting thing for me about the annual Food and Wine Expo is the FOOD. The problem is, I recently started a no-dairy diet. That’s right. I have cut out all of things that go best with wine. No cheese. No chocolate. I had a fewCharlie Brown moments, but I was determined to go anyway and try not to cheat (maybe just one bite of cheese wouldn’t be so bad!)


New "Foundation" for the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation


We are moving to a new office space at the end of this week, however we will be back in action very soon. 

From Friday November 25th - Wednesday November 30th we will not be available at our usual phone extentions, but our phone number will remain the same. If you need to get a hold of someone at the Foundation, please use email or call: 416-960-0001 and leave a message - we will be checking voicemail periodically. 


More Holiday Gift Ideas from the Greenbelt

Check out some more highlights from our Greenbelt Holiday Gift Guide (click the link for the full list and more photos.)



Ontario Leathers from Hide In Hand

Stay toasty and stylish from hand to toe this winter with leather goods from Ontario. Hides in Hands handstitches gloves, moccasins, hobo bags and fur hats with leather procured from hunters across the Greenbelt and Ontario. Visit www.hidesinhand.com for more beautiful products.


Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation November Newsletter


In This Issue: Gifts from the Greenbelt, The Ontariofresh.ca Buy Local Challenge, 2011 Environics Poll: We All Love the Greenbelt, BPS Fund Quarterly Meeting Review, Food and Wine Expo, Rouge Park Guided Walks, Palaeo-Eskimos Exhibit at the Scugog Shores Museum


Brushing with Bottled Water

In October I took a trip to India and came back with a renewed sense of passion for what I do and why I do it. I had the time of my life; expanding my horizons with new experiences, meeting new friends, spending quality time with my family and watching my only sister say “I do” in an enchanting traditional Hindu ceremony. Needless to say, I look forward to going back. 




Ontariofresh Buy Local Challenge


The goal of this Challenge is to put more fresh, Ontario food on the plates of institutions across the Province.

We have been working hard getting Ontariofresh.ca ready to help you access many of Ontario’s outstanding farmers and producers, and their amazing products. We are eager to see how your cafeteria or food service integrates and promotes fresh local food into your menu. 


Holiday Gift Ideas From the Greenbelt

The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation has assembled a list of our favourite holiday gifts that represent and support the Greenbelt’s agriculture and environmental integrity.

You can view our entire list of goodies on our website, but here are a few we'd like to highlight:



Play a role in Ontario’s Greenbelt by making sure there is fresh healthy food for everyone. By placing a donation to FoodShare in the name of a friend or family member, you are ensuring many FoodShare projects are able to continue contributing to many communities. Most FoodShare programs are completely community service, such as teaching how to make homemade baby food, supporting community gardens and kitchens and operating the FoodLink Hotline. www.foodshare.net