The Foundation shares the stories of what is happening in the Greenbelt, from tourism opportunities, to farmers’ markets, to campaigns to grow and protect the Greenbelt. Keep up to date with all that is happening in the world's largest and best-protected Greenbelt.


Blogs: Your source for all things Greenbelt, our blog includes updates from or Grants and Research teams, news from grantees and the Greenbelt, and dispatches from local events. Plus, read insights from our CEO on trends in the environmental sector, policy developments from Queen's Park, or making the connection between NHL playoff season and the Greenbelt!


Press Releases: The Greenbelt is always making news, whether it’s new loops being added to the Greenbelt Route or a new report on the value of the Greenbelt.


The Toronto Star: Exclusive full-page features on issues near and dear to the Greenbelt, including growing the Greenbelt to protect water and growing sustainably to curb sprawl.

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