Ontario Greenbelt Environics Polling 2015


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Recent polling shows that 86 per cent of respondents believe that the boundaries of the world’s largest Greenbelt should be protected from any future urban development. 

Conducted between August 19 and September 8, 2015, Environics online polling of 2,008 Ontarians found that about nine out of 10 respondents believe that it’s important to grow the Greenbelt to safeguard against urban sprawl. Additionally, three out of four respondents convey that the boundaries of the Greenbelt should be preserved forever. These polling results come on the heels of the release of 87 recommendations by an expert advisory panel chaired by David Crombie. The panel was tapped by the Ontario government to review the Greenbelt Plan and three other land use plans.

When it comes to the Greenbelt’s benefits, protecting southern Ontario’s clean drinking water sources remains at the top according to one in three respondents. The second most important benefit is preserving farmland and green spaces (24 per cent). Relatedly, nine out of ten respondents believe it’s important the Greenbelt is grown to include urban river valleys. 

The voting intentions of respondents were also gathered. More than half of those polled would consider changing their vote if protections for the Greenbelt were reduced or eliminated.

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