Greenbelt Goes to Waterstock

On Sunday June 11, we attended the Waterstock Festival in Erin to talk to people about how the Greenbelt protects clean water. Waterstock is a one-day music and food festival organized by Wellington Water Watchers and Riverfest Elora to raise awareness about the importance of source water protection and rally people around their “Water for Life, not Profit” campaign.



Blackwell Children's Garden visits Murphy's Country Produce

By: Auriel Haynes, Blackwell Children's Garden, Malvern

Into the Greenbelt gave the children and some adults from Blackwell Children's Garden, all from the Malvern area, the great opportunity to visit a ''pick your own'' farm. Their excitement was palpable as we prepared to leave for Murphy’s Country Produce. The bus left Malvern on a cool but sunny morning. The drive to Hamilton itself was exciting, as the kids seldom get go on long drives just for fun.


Across U-Hub’s Day Trip to Kortright Centre for Conservation

By: Across U-hub, Toronto

On a sunny Saturday in late October, Across U-Hub took 30 young adults to immerse themselves in the spectacular colours of fall at Kortright Centre for Conservation in Vaughan. 



Our trip from Toronto’s Regent Park to the Greenbelt

By Central Neighbourhood House

Early in October a group of 40 adults and children made our way to Murphy’s Country Produce in Binbrook, Ontario – luckily it was PD day for kids!



Communities visit Kortright Centre for Conservation

Last month, groups from Family Service Toronto and the Brampton Multicultural Centre visited Kortright Centre for Conservation near Kleinburg. Read about their experiences, from interactive nature walks to greenhouses and saying hello to some sheep!


Members of the Brampton Multicultural Centre visit Kortright Centre for Conservation 


Chinese Family Services of Ontario visits Mountsberg Conservation Area

By: Chinese Family Services of Ontario

October 15 was a very exciting day for a group of 90 new Canadians, mostly families, from Chinese Family Services of Ontario. Given that they are all new to the country, the day trip to Mountsberg Conservation Area in Hamilton was the very first time most of them had found an opportunity to experience Ontario’s beautiful countryside.



Regent Park Community Food Centre Visits Terra Cotta Conservation Area

By: Regent Park Community Food Centre, Toronto

On October 15, participants of all ages and gardeners of the CRC Regent Park Community Food Center travelled to the Terra Cotta Conservation Area with a group of new Canadians, to experience one of the many destinations in the Greenbelt. The bus ride not only provided great scenery, but was also a great way to meet others in the community, discuss garden successes and share knowledge.



The Stop Community Food Centre Heads Into the Greenbelt

By: The Stop Community Food Centre, Toronto

A buzzing crowd of 70 community members gathered outside The Stop Community Food Centre on a beautiful August morning. With bins, bags, and packed lunches in tow, we embarked on our highly-anticipated trip to Farintosh Farms in Gormley. 



Dallington Pollinators visit Farintosh Farms in the Greenbelt!

By: Dallington Pollinators, Toronto

In late September, the Dallington Pollinators arranged a farm trip for 20 new Canadians with funding from Into the Greenbelt. Guy Farintosh, owner of Farintosh Farms, gave our group a tour of his farm and shared lots of useful information, including tips and tricks about vegetable growing. 



Toronto's South Asian Women's Centre Heads Into the Greenbelt

By: South Asian Women’s Centre (SAWC), Toronto

On September 15, members of the South Asian Women’s Centre (SAWC) travelled to Farintosh Farms in the Greenbelt, providing women with the opportunity to pick vegetables at the farm for a low cost. It was an adventurous day for SAWC’s group of newcomers. Close to forty eager participants of all ages joined us on the trip. Bizhan Roshan and Brenna Owen of the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation tagged along.

Bizhan Roshan with members of the SAWC