12 Days of Greenbelt


The best gift giver this holiday season isn't going to be your mother, your grandma (sorry, g-ma), or even your sweet, thoughtful partner... no, it's going to be the Greenbelt! Because Ontario's Greenbelt gives pretty generously every day of the year, providing fresh water, clean air, delicious local food, and some of the best tobogganing hills in the Province free of charge. 

In an act of festive gratitude, I have put together a little jingle for the Greenbelt. 


12 Days of Greenbelt
(sung to the tune of "12 Days of Christmas")


On the 1st day of Christmas
my Greenbelt gave to me…


Honey from an Apiary
The Ontario Bee Association is a grantee of the Greenbelt Fund.

2 Christmas Trees

3 Craft Beers
(Another for good measure)
(And another)
These three breweries were
featured at our 2013 Queen's Park Plate. 

 4 Turkey Birds

 5 Peeeee-can Pies!

 6 Ice wines Chilling
The Niagara region is well-known in the Greenbelt
for its delicious wines and the season of ice wines is soon upon us!

7 Rinks for Skating
We celebrated our last birthday skating at several rinks 
throughout the Greenbelt, including Markham's Civic Centre Rink.

8 Ciders Mulling
True friends of the Greenbelt, the Geissbergers were there
in support of our 8th anniversary, Queen's Park Plate,
and more. An innovative family with a delicious drink.

9 Warblers Singing 

10 Cows-a-Mooing
Eric Bowman is a third generation farmer at the Bowmanview Gallery
on the Farm and also on a Board Member.

11 Trails for Biking
The Greenbelt's new cycling route is up-and-coming.
Stay tuned for news.

12 Snowflakes Falling!
We thought we'd end on an uplifting note: 
Just get out in the Greenbelt, catch a snowflake on your tongue, 
toboggan or just enjoy the winter weather while it lasts.


- Jenny Chan,
Communications Assistant

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