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After nine years, support for Ontario's Greenbelt remains strong. Ontarians want to see more land included in the land protection policy according to a recent poll conducted by Environics Research Group. According to the survey, three-quarters of Ontarians (74%) feel it is very important to continue to grow Ontario's Greenbelt. READ MORE...

Brewers Plate logo A Toast to Protect the Greenbelt

Support local farm viability and microbreweries in Ontario with a toast; we are delighted to be the beneficiary of this year's Brewer's Plate!

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Trout jumping in the Humber Trout in the Humber Each spring steelhead—otherwise known as rainbow trout—migrate up the Humber River to spawn, and can be seen jumping dams throughout the city.

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A Pied Pigeon Test Ride the Greenbelt Route Be the first to test ride the new Greenbelt Cycling Route: 470km, 26 municipalities, 6 days, and 30 leaders.

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Jane's Walk image From Disaster to Resilience Join us with the TRCA, Weston Historical Society and others, as we take you on a Jane's Walk through the past and into the future.

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