In honour of Earth Month, the Foundation will be launching our #Pick5toThrive campaign! We challenge all of our friends do to their small part and pick up 5 pieces of litter, then challenge 5 others to do the same. Click HERE find out more!

In a Changing Climate Series

The entire Greater Golden Horseshoe region is being affected by a combination of climate change and population growth. To shed more light on this topic, the Greenbelt has paired up with various major organizations in order to cover a host of related topics. Our series’ highlighting Gardening, Birds, Health, and Hockey, are out now!


Green Infrastructure: A Key Resource for Improving Our Communities Green Infrastructure has the potential to improve water quality, reduce infrastructure costs, reduce the risk of floods, and ensure our watersheds and communities are more resilient to climate change.

Agriculture Trends and Updates: Understanding the Greenbelt’s Unique Advantages Building on an earlier study, our latest report profiles the changes in agriculture within the Greenbelt from 2011 to 2016, compared to the rest of Ontario and shows why the Greenbelt is truly an essential part of agriculture.

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Recognizing the Value of Agriculture in the Golden Horseshoe
Produced in collaboration with the Golden Horseshoe Food and Farming Alliance, this new report examines the structure, challenges, and successes of Agricultural Advisory Committees across the region.


ICYMI: Bruce Peninsual Biosphere Association Eco-Adventures

Winter might be over, but that doesn’t mean the fun is! Check out this amazing winter video shot by our friends over at the Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association, highlighting the great landscapes located across the region. WATCH NOW!

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