Blackwell Children's Garden visits Murphy's Country Produce

By: Auriel Haynes, Blackwell Children's Garden, Malvern

Into the Greenbelt gave the children and some adults from Blackwell Children's Garden, all from the Malvern area, the great opportunity to visit a ''pick your own'' farm. Their excitement was palpable as we prepared to leave for Murphy’s Country Produce. The bus left Malvern on a cool but sunny morning. The drive to Hamilton itself was exciting, as the kids seldom get go on long drives just for fun.

We arrived at the farm, where they were expecting us. The kids climbed onto the giant farm tractors. The farm's main crop was Soya Beans for export. Everyone was amazed at the different products which were made from the beans.

Going into the fields to pick peppers, cucumbers, pumpkins, zucchinis, squash, eggplants, tomatoes, and beans was fun for all. The children found the wide-open spaces tempting and had to be watched closely, so we cheerfully made sure no one wandered too far. 

When the time came to depart for home, the children did so reluctantly. Everyone was thrilled at being able to bring home their freshly picked treasures. The staff at Murphy's Farm were always around, patiently answering endless questions. This was an exciting, successful, memorable day thanks to the support of Into the Greenbelt.

Into the Greenbelt is a project of the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation, in partnership with RBC, The Stop Community Food Centre, and regional Conservation Authorities to bring new Canadians into Ontario’s Greenbelt for fun, educational day trips.

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