Bronte Creek

The Greenbelt protection has extended to 21 major urban river valleys and 7 coastal wetlands across the Greater Golden Horseshoe - including Bronte Creek! 

The addition of these waterways to the Greenbelt is an important recognition of the vital role the Greenbelt plays in protecting the hydrological features we rely on for clean drinking water, flood protection, and healthy ecosystems.

The Bronte Creek is 48 km long and is located in the Halton region. This creek originates in Morriston, crosses the escarpment near Flamborough and enters Lake Ontario at the west end of Oakville. Every 5 years the Conservation Halton releases a report card to assess the health of the Bronte Creek Watershed. Grades around urbanized areas typically decline because of reduced natural vegetation and hard surfaces, such as roads and roofs. Protecting the urban river valleys is very important for our communities health. 

Top facts about the Bronte Creek:


Brook trout are a cold-water species of fish indigenous to Bronte Creek. They flourish in steady-flowing, cold-water streams with gravel bottoms and plenty of shade.


Bronte Creek Provincial Park is endowed with a river valley rich in beauty and ecological significance. The Bronte Creek valley corridor is designated as a provincially significant life science resource. It is the least disturbed and most continuous river valley system on the southward sloping shale plains north of Lake Ontario.


Bronte Creek Provincial Park is an oasis in a developing urban landscape. Located within the Regional Municipality of Halton immediately north of the Queen Elizabeth Highway on the Burlington-Oakville boundary the park is surrounded by three major highway arteries.


Bronte Creek is a recreation class provincial park. In 1996, over 300,000 people came throughout the year to hike the valley, fish the creek, swim in the pool, picnic with family and friends, enjoy park programs, visit the farms, walk their dogs, skate, ski and toboggan.


Bronte Creek is an oasis for many. Its expanse of green offers relief from urban living conditions.

Want to learn more?

Right now, we are working with community groups, municipalities and organizations across the Greenbelt to ensure the urban river valleys and the Greenbelt remain healthy for generations to come.

The Conservation Halton has produced extensive research about the Bronte River.

The Conservation Halton organizes many events to help you learn more about the watershed, or you could check-out our events page.