Celebrating Half a Decade of Possibilities


As I looked around my office yesterday I saw a stack of our new annual reports – hot off the presses, and it was a great moment for me. This year’s annual report is a special one for me as the Director of Communications – not only did we decide to go in a new, exciting design direction, but more importantly, we were able to tell the story of the 5th anniversary of Ontario’s Greenbelt – an internationally recognized environmental success story. There have been so many great events, grants and people involved with the success of the Greenbelt that it was hard to keep the report to 32 pages.

The report reflects the people, the places and efforts to make our Greenbelt a part of our Ontario identity – a point of pride and vital to our quality of life. We did this not only in text, but also through vibrant photography. From harvest events, to bike tours to farmers’ markets, it’s people that make change and progress possible. Through our grantees and the good work that they do, we were able to tell an exciting story this year.

Our new communications intern, Carla Balabanowicz, spearheaded this year’s report. Coordinating with the designer and staff, writing, editing and selecting photos, she was able to see what the Foundation is all about right away, and she did a great job helping us tell our story.

CB: As my very first project, it helped me learn what the Foundation does and who the key players are. It also made it easy for me to get to know everyone around the office. Coming into an organization with such a dynamic environment, there is a lot to learn…and boy have I learned a LOT! But I know there’s still much more for me to gain from my time here. With everyone in the office to give me much valued support and constructive criticisms along the way, this year’s report turned out better than I hoped for and is something I am very proud of. Working with Shawn Murenbeeld as my first designer, has certainly spoiled me a little – his outstanding talent and willingness to teach has definitely given me an edge for the future.

SM: We like to give our interns real, meaningful work, and often give this this project as their first assignment to get them acquainted with the Foundation ins and outs. This year’s new design, great storytelling and pictures that “pop” took our report to a whole new level.

This annual report highlights and thanks the many vibrant and visionary organizations and people that have helped make the Greenbelt Foundation successful – but more importantly – make Ontario’s Greenbelt a legacy for our future generations.

--Susan Murray 
with Carla Balabanowicz

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