What do the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Greenbelt have in Common?


I am a sports fan and have been for most of my life. The athleticism, team work, spectacle, and peak performance are a great thrill. Growing up in Germany, soccer was king. Now it’s hockey.


Halton—A Greenbelt Paradise


Oakville, Burlington, and Milton—all great places to live and raise a family. All three of these areas are part of the emergent Halton Region, which now boasts a large area legally protected by Ontario’s Greenbelt. Recently, Milton also became home to one of our offices—located in the old Puslinch Township Hall at Country Heritage Park (the Town Hall building was moved from Puslinch and relocated to the Park as a historical preservation measure).



Signing the Way


When I talk about the Greenbelt, or my job at the Foundation, with people who are not “in the business,” they often say “Oh, the Greenbelt. I’ve seen the signs on the highway…”


Greenbelt Harvest Picnic 2013 adds Gordon Lightfoot to the Line-up

The Greenbelt Harvest Picnic is fast approaching, bringing together great music, art, family activities, and local food all in celebration of Ontario’s Greenbelt.

In light of the recent news that Neil Young & Crazy Horse cancelled, I know there has been some frustration surrounding the decision to give ticket holders a partial refund only. I wanted to take a moment to reiterate that we at the Foundation do not make any money from this event. The decision to provide only a $40 partial refund was made by September Seventh Entertainment Ltd. As a title sponsor, we have no authority in making this decision.


Lake Simcoe, a Greenbelt Treasure


Lake Simcoe is all too frequently overlooked and perhaps even under-appreciated. It reminds me a little of what American actor Rodney Dangerfield used to say: “I can’t get no respect.” 

With four Great Lakes in Ontario, all majestic and phenomenal, it’s no surprise that Lake Simcoe is often overlooked. But it really shouldn’t be.


Niagara College - Applied Dreams

This year’s meeting of Canada’s premiers occurred in Niagara-on-the-Lake, an important part of Ontario’s Greenbelt. As you may have heard on the news, Premier Kathleen Wynne was the host this year and important topics such as infrastructure, pipelines, and healthcare were discussed by Canada’s thirteen provincial and territorial leaders.


Remembering Dr. Bob Elgie

Today is a sad day. Dr. Bob Elgie was an inspiration and when I heard of his passing, three memories came immediately to mind.

Before I actually met Dr. Elgie I was quite intimidated. I had heard so much about him. Like a movie star you admire or an author you adore, you don’t know what to say at first because you’re read all of their books, or seen all of their movies. That’s how I felt when I first met Dr. Elgie – he had such a great reputation. He was a person that I couldn’t possibly keep up with on intellect. He was a lawyer, a neurosurgeon, a cabinet minister, and an MPP – how do you keep up with a man like that?


A Great Lakes Protection Act for Ontario


Last week, I attended the announcement of a new Great Lakes Strategy by Ontario Environment Minister Jim Bradley. The setting was perfect: blue sky, Lake Ontario shimmering, the Toronto Islands as background, and even the Ministry’s Great Lakes research vessel was anchored nearby.


Celebrating Ontario Wine


From left to right: Hillary Dawson, President, Wine Council of Ontario; Burkhard Mausberg, CEO, Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation; Debbie Zimmerman, CEO, Grape Growers of Ontario; Bob Peters, President & CEO, LCBO

Last week, we announced the 2012 winners of the Friend of the Greenbelt Award.


Smashing heads doesn’t open minds


This was the title of a speech at a recent meeting of environmental foundations. It may sound obvious. But then it’s amazing how often I encounter tone, language and behavior – atone to smashing heads – in my life.

We all see and hear them. The political bully. The sports bully. The religious bully.


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