Climate Change & Ontario's Greenbelt


Global Day of Action on Climate Change is upon us. On Saturday December 3, 2011, United Nations leaders will meet in Durban, South Africa to discuss the impacts and find solutions to climate change on a global scale. 

Surrounding many towns and cities in Southern Ontario, Ontario's Greenbelt is a litmus test on the capacity to adapt to the effects of climate change. Attached is a recent report examining the potential impacts of climate change on the long-term viability of the Greenbelt. The report also proposes ways to better understand, asses, and explain impacts and measures to help adapt. The main focus on the Greenbelt Plan's main areas of concentrations: natural heritage, agriculture, recreation, and infrastructure. 

Written by Ray Tomalty, PH.D and Bartek Kommorowsji, MUP at Smart Cities Research Services, this information will help Ontarians understand some of the impacts climate change may have on the Greenbelt's natural environment, and in turn, our lives in Southern Ontario. 


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