Communities visit Kortright Centre for Conservation

Last month, groups from Family Service Toronto and the Brampton Multicultural Centre visited Kortright Centre for Conservation near Kleinburg. Read about their experiences, from interactive nature walks to greenhouses and saying hello to some sheep!


Members of the Brampton Multicultural Centre visit Kortright Centre for Conservation 

By Brampton Multicultural Centre

On October 7, seniors from Brampton Multicultural Community Centre (BMC) had a wonderful opportunity to visit the Kortright Centre for Conservation. The trip provided an excellent opportunity for the seniors and two BMC Settlement Counsellors to enjoy the interactive nature walks, explore the spectacular scenery and have lots of fun with domestic animals.

To reach the destination, seniors and BMC staff enjoyed the opportunity to travel on the school bus. The journey on the bus was filled with enjoyment as the seniors played Bollywood songs, sang along, and played Antakshari (a musical game) with each other. Having seniors from two different locations of BMC added to the fun, as they had a chance to mingle and make new friends.

The group spent some time in the big cafeteria of the Conservation Area and enjoyed small snacks they had brought from home. Staff at Kortright were very cooperative and generous, helping the seniors settle down and offering them tables to leave their lunch bags while touring the facility. We were also provided with maps to help them with a self-guided tour.

The seniors explored the beautiful trails, nature walks, and sceneries. While having a tour of the facility, seniors were also entertained by some domestic animals like sheep, which were very friendly and wanted to play. Our group was excited to see and identify the plants and vegetables grown in the greenhouse at the facility, and enhanced our environmental knowledge.


After our fun filled tour, the seniors used one of the beautifully located picnic shelters to enjoy their delicious homemade food and socialize with each other. We then made best use of the Picnic Shelter by singing and dancing to folk songs.

The trip provided an amazing opportunity for the seniors to connect with nature, understand it in a better way and feel more responsible in preserving the environment and natural world around them. Seniors and BMC staff are very thankful to The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation for making their outdoor experience very unique and environmentally educational.

By Family Service Toronto

A sunny and a mild day for the fall season, more than twenty Hispanic seniors, and a knowledgeable guide were the ingredients to have a wonderful field day. It was a great opportunity to get acquainted with the flora and fauna of green space just north of the big city.


The group from Family Service Toronto poses for a photo at Kortright Centre

The participants are grateful to the people and organizations that gave them the chance to see, touch and breathe the air of the place. We learned about efforts to conserve and respect our environment – full of life, thanks to their efforts to preserve the natural marvels still existing on our planet.

The seniors extend their thanks to the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation for providing the funds to make the event a reality. Likewise, their appreciation goes to the TRCA’s Visitor Services for helping the group to reserve a date for the visit and advising them on the best approach for the day. Finally, their gratitude goes to Family Service Toronto for coordinating a special day in their lives.

Into the Greenbelt is a project of the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation, in partnership with RBC, The Stop Community Food Centre, and regional Conservation Authorities to bring new Canadians into Ontario’s Greenbelt for fun, educational day trips.

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