Connecting with Nature, Food and Tradition


A few Wednesdays ago, I was walking through the Nathan Phillips Square Farmers’ Market over lunch. I kept seeing people wander by with the most amazing flowers; big beautiful blooms and vibrant colours peeked out from almost every canvas shopping bag – making me and many others smile.

Across the street, I noticed a crowd of people around the red tents of Andrew’s Scenic Acres, which is located on Ontario’s Greenbelt. I went over to check out the followers, but got caught by their amazing selection of farm made jams – especially the red current jam.

It brought back memories of my childhood. When I was a kid, I would spend hours each summer picking red currents for my Grandma’s homemade jam – although I am sure more ended up in my stomach than in the basket. My two-year-old daughter is now following in my footsteps and continuing the tradition of putting as many red currents into her tummy as possible. I think next year it will be time for me to keep up the tradition and pull out Grandma’s recipe to try my hand at her family-famous jam.  

At the end of the day, I ended up heading home with a lovely bouquet and three jars of jam – bringing some of Ontario’s Greenbelt into my kitchen straight from Nathan Phillips Square. I think that for so many of us, that is the beauty of farmers’ markets – they let us reconnect with nature, our food and our good memories in mere moments. 

Nathan Phillips Square– 100 Queen Street.W – Free Admission
Farmers’ Markets run from June 2nd – October 13th 
Wednesdays from 10am-2pm

To find a farmers’ market near you visit

- - Susan Murray

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