Credit Valley Conservation Authority Wetlands Study

Wetlands are known to provide a number of important services to society. These services, which include water filtration/regulation, biodiversity habitat, carbon storage, and others, have declined over time in many regions of the world due to wetland area and quality loss.

The main reason for this loss is a market failure, where there is no market price to reflect the scarcity of wetland services. Without a market price, wetland services have often not been appropriately accounted-for when evaluating the trade-offs associated with economic development and/or land-use change decisions. Various non-market valuation methods (including the contingent valuation method (CVM), the travel cost method, the replacement cost method, and others) can be used to estimate non-market values associated with wetland services. The estimates produced by these methods can be used in cost-benefit analysis of programs that improve or degrade wetlands. 

Read the full report -- download pdf-icon.pngCredit Valley Conservation Authority Wetlands Study 2010 661.72 KB.

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