Credit River Ride

Greenbelt Cycles

Credit River Ride

Moderate to advanced | Unsigned | Paved and unpaved roads, unpaved trail
From the Caledon Trailway and Greenbelt Route, ride into the surrounding countryside to experience the natural heritage and beauty of this area.

Spirit Tree Estate Winery
Cheltenham Badlands
Load up on a variety of culinary delights at Spirit Tree Estate Cidery before pedaling on to view the red rutted earth of the Cheltenham Badlands, two side stops worth the extra kilometre.

Horse Country
Passing through horse country and green pastures, enjoy a gentle ride up to the hamlet of Belfountain.
Cools Scoops
Belfountain is a mecca for day trippers with lots of food options, plus picnicking and nature trails at the conservation area.

Forks of the Credit
Continuing along the Forks of the Credit Road, this popular route sees a lot of touring vehicle traffic, especially in the Fall. Crossing the river, cycle up the narrow road past a hidden country cottage-like community to hike or bike the rugged trail network in Forks of the Credit Provincial Park.
Quiet Section
Turn off Forks of the Credit Road and onto the quieter unpaved McLaren Road to ride back under the forested Escarpment cliffs, crossing rivers and streams all the way into the quaint village of Inglewood and rejoining the Caledon Trailway.

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