Royal City Mill Run

Greenbelt Cycles

Royal City Mill Run

Moderate to advanced | Unsigned | Paved roads, small sections of unpaved driveways/trails
This looped, multi-day itinerary starts in the city of Guelph, also known as 'Royal City', and connects with several local and regional cycling routes.

Day 1 Heading east out of Guelph, this route quickly reveals the lush agricultural lands that lie on that city's boundaries. The first day's ride features rural landscapes with unique attractions between Guelph and an area known as 'Leathertown' and the area surrounding the communities of Acton and Georgetown.

Day 2 The second day follows the meandering Credit River north and explores smaller communities within the town of Caledon; an area with a rich history linked to the region's rivers and milling past. This day features beautiful attractions, quaint communities and stunning views that are a welcome reward for challenging hilly areas.

Day 3 The third day of riding takes cyclists south following the flow of the protected headwaters connecting communities featuring more of the areas beautiful mills and milling heritage before connecting back into the city of Guelph. The route ends in Guelph, an excellent destination to extend one's visit by a day or two to take in the wonderful trails, attractions and culinary experiences the city offers.

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