Cycling 101: Gearing up for the 2013 Ontario Bike Summit


Spring is finally upon us and it brings us warm weather that’s perfect for picnics, farmers’ markets and cycling. And with the 2013 Ontario Bike Summit coming up I’m becoming more and more interested in purchasing a bike and trying out one of the many cycling routes traipsing through Ontario’s greenbelt.

I’m a fairly new to cycling, so I thought it would be handy to create a guide for those of us who are new to this pastime.

First up is my favourite part... shopping! Before you start any new hobby, you need to prepare, prepare, prepare! My shopping list is as follows:

  1. Of course, a reliable road bicycle  
  2. Helmet! This is very important! Do NOT skip this!
  3. Cycling gear like this top and these shorts. Feel free to get creative 

Next, you need to prepare your body:

When stretching focus on your improving flexibility in your hips, hamstrings and calves. You will find it beneficial to create a stretching routine before and after each excursion. 

When cycling in the city in particular, it is very important to practice safe signaling and safe riding. It benefits you and the drivers. There are three basic signals that you should practice, including:

  • Left turn: Left arm held straight out to the side
  • Stop: Left arm bent downwards with your palm facing behind 
  • Right turn: Left arm bent upwards with your palm facing forward or, right hand held out straight to the side 

With those tips in mind, I hope cyclists, novices and professionals alike, will come out to the 2013 Ontario Bike Summit on May 28th where we’ll unveil the newest in Greenbelt cycling routes and may even ask for your help in naming it. 

See you there! 
- Chimaya Charles, Communications Assistant

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