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Tucked away between woodlots and snow-covered fields, White Meadows Farms might seem an unusual tourist hot-spot.

Being hidden away, however, doesn't deter the tens of thousands of visitors who, come March, flock to the farm in droves. 

Coming from all over, the White Meadows Farms visitors all come for the same reason -  to experience authentic maple syrup straight from the source.

The Pelham-based family farm has been part of Niagara since 1937, but only within the last 20 years has maple syrup become the focus of operations. Richard Bering, the farm’s owner, says that the maple syrup production started as a hobby but gradually gained support from neighbours and the community.

The growing demand of maple syrup has resulted in 160 acres of forest, 5000 taps, and an average of just over 5000 litres of syrup produced annually.

On weekends from mid-February to the end of April, the farm offers its famous Sugar Bush Adventure bringing visitors into the sugar bush to learn the syrup making process from historical re-enactors. But if that's not enough to keep you excited, the farm also offers activities and displays such as face painting, a sap-line maze, lumberjack sawing, and pioneer camps.

White_Meadows_2.jpgAfter a chilly morning of sugar bush activities, visitors can take a seat in the Pancake House for a hot homemade meal like the ‘Niagara Gold’ – fluffy pancakes topped with locally grown peaches, whipped cream, brown sugar, and of course,  fresh maple syrup.

When temperatures outside begin to rise, and spring and summer arrive, White Meadows Farms hosts a Discover Maple Tour from April to September. The tour teaches visitors about the maple syrup making process, but also educates them further on other uses for syrup, like adding it into your morning coffee, or using it in cooking and baking.

The on-farm store, The Maple Sweet Shop, features their maple syrup, pancake mix, maple granola, barbecue sauces, and jellies, along with many other products. The store is open daily throughout the year, and while it is highly suggested to visit the farm and learn about maple from the staff, products can also be purchased online, or throughout select stores in Niagara and Ontario. 

White Meadows Farm is open for March Break! More information on activities and location on the White Meadows Farm website. 


--Communications Assistant, Niagara Region




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