Everyone is Seeing Greenbelt


New public opinion results reported in the Toronto Star on November 30th revealed not only that the Greenbelt is much loved and supported by Ontarians but in fact 88% identified  that environmental policies should be upheld even in tough economics times.  This story was featured as part of a Greenbelt focused one-page to help people understand everything from the cost of sprawl to how future focused initiatives like the Greenbelt help build the Ontario we all want to see in the future.

I’m really proud of the work the Communications Team has done in this last month, we’ve launched a new website that gives voice to the keys issues we focus on;  food & farming, economy, environment, growth & planning, as well as highlighting the amazing work our grantees have done.  It makes me feel good to look back on the great reports we have written and the exciting stories we and our grantees have told—it reminds me why I’m here everyday championing the Greenbelt. I’ll tell my children that I’ve had a hand in making their future greener, vibrant, and more fun.  

If you missed the Toronto Star article, check it out at www.greenbelt.ca & click on the Toronto Star banner to be taken to the stories about how the Greenbelt is affecting regular people in their everyday lives. It is a good read.

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