Experience Melbourne...at the Global Greenbelts Conference

Make sure to book time for Greenbelts: Local Solutions for Global Challenges in your new 2011 calendar from March 22nd to March 24th. This Global Greenbelts Conference brings together over forty-five speakers from nine countries across the globe to discuss the potential of Greenbelts to help manage urban growth, sustain farming, and the vibrancy of surrounding communities, protect valuable ecosystems, and conserve biodiversity.

 One of the highlighted areas is the Melbourne Green Wedges in Australia.  As in the Greater Toronto Area, Melbourne and its surrounding communities must balance managing population and job growth with the protection of agricultural and environmentally sensitive lands in the Green Wedges.

 The Melbourne Green Wedges are comprised of twelve separate protected areas around Melbourne. Although the wedges are “separate”, many are contiguous with a neighbouring wedge so a map of the metropolitan Melbourne region gives the impression of a belt of lands surrounding the city. Each wedge has distinctive natural features including:  internationally recognized wetlands, notable landscape or seascape features, native grassland fauna habitat, native vegetation fauna habitat, river redgum habitat, grassy woodlands habitat,

 Like Ontario’s Greenbelt, the Green Wedges are multi-functional areas that include rural and peri-urban communities and agricultural production, and open spaces for recreational and outdoor activities.

 Melbourne is an interesting example of a greenbelt and the Conference provides the perfect opportunity to share experiences and lessons.  For more information Melbourne and the Conference program please visit:www.globalgreenbeltsconference.ca

Map Courtesy of the Department of Planning and Community Development, Government of Victoria.


pdf-icon.pngMelbournes Green Wedges Map

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