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Mississauga Moves to Expand Ontario's Greenbelt
Mississauga council voted to continue moving towards Greenbelt designations for the city's sensitive river valley systems, including the Credit River and Etobicoke Creek, in coordination with the conservation authorities and the province. READ MORE...

Happy Birthday, Greenbelt!

It has been 9 great years since the Greenbelt was established, and as a Friend of the Greenbelt, you should know that we couldn't have done it without you.

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Greenbelt Olympic Rings Greenbelt Olympics With apologies to the talented athletes heading home from Sochi, here is my Top Ten Greenbelt Activities—for winter in particular, but for all seasons as well.

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A photograph of a hop's flower. Beer Belly The Greenbelt is the beer belly of Ontario! Guest blogger, Jennifer Crinion, takes a look at the local craft beer industry that’s booming in our Province.

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Image Caption Funding Food Forward The Greenbelt Fund’s at it again! Grants for local food in hospitals, more local meat in grocery stores, and local hops in craft beers…

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