Fry Time: Potatoes from Ontario's Last Harvest

Potatoes_Up_Close_in_Wood_Baskets.jpgFry time is upon us.

If there is ever a time to indulge in some crispy, golden fries, now is the time. The remaining potatoes from last season’s harvest are now Ontario’s finest frying potatoes. After a fall harvest, potatoes are kept in cool, dark environments. This extends their life and slows down the reaction that breaks down potato starch into sugar. After a long winter, the potatoes are reaching the end of their edible stage and have the highest sugar content of the season. When these potatoes are “punched” (through a fry press) into spears, then plunged into 350F vegetable oil, those sugars go to work. They caramelize and give the fluffy interior of the fry a golden shell, almost alike to the top of a creme brulée. 

So, if the waitress at any restaurant asks you if you want fries or salad with that, you’ll know that asking for those Ontario potato fries is the gourmand’s choice for spring. Save salad for the summer! 

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