Ghosts in the Greenbelt?

Scary movies, frightening books, and creepy camp fire stories have never really appealed to me. No wait, that’s not true, they do interest me, I’m just very easily scared and therefore try my best to avoid such situations. However while working on a project here at the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation, I have stumbled across a few very interesting stories related to Ontario’s Greenbelt. The stories that I came across are not your typical shadow looming in the dark of an old cottage story, but instead about abandoned towns, otherwise known as ghost towns. Contrary to what you may believe, a ghost town does not mean a town full of ghosts, it usually refers to towns that were once successful, and then were completely abandoned. 

There are four towns in particular which can be found in the Greenbelt, all of which are now considered to be ghost towns. Ball’s Falls, Cheltenham Brickworks, Ballycroy, and Crook’s Hollow.  Now the detective in me was definitely sparked, because I was so curious to know why these towns were abandoned, what used to go on in these towns, who lived there and where did they go. I curled up in my office chair (as much as one can curl up in an office chair) and read all four ghost town stories from start to finish. A few days later I found myself in the library with a fellow Greenbelter, looking at books about ghost towns all over Ontario. 

What started out as something I stumbled upon, ended up turning into some really interesting reading, and I had a well spent and enjoyable afternoon in the library. If Greenbelt Ghost town stories sound interesting to you, and trust me they are interesting, then visit our website at

Happy reading!


- Nicole, Program Assistant

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