WindReach Farm Foundation

windreach.jpgFarm Sensory Trail
$25,000 (1 year)

Windreach Farm is a fully accessible farm in the Greenbelt that provides programming and recreational opportunities for people with disabilities. The new Sensory Trail provides accessible, year-round access to a series of interactive stations focused on the seven senses. The trail is designed to stimulate, teach and induce sensory responses, while maintaining the natural woodland on the 105-acre farm property.

Photo Credit: Windreach Farm


Royal Botanical Gardens

rbg_2014.jpgFostering Stewardship and Conservation within the Cootes to Escarpment EcoPark System
$156,405 (Two years)

The project addresses habitat fragmentation and promotes the long-term ecological viability of the Cootes to Escarpment EcoPark System by improving conservation on privately-owned lands mapped as part of the Park Vision. Royal Botanical Gardens will collaborate with the Hamilton Halton Watershed Stewardship Program to inform 200 property owners on opportunities for land stewardship and protection; and, connect directly with a smaller group of landowners to offer technical and fundraising support for conservation actions.


Ontario Nature

ontarionature_2014.jpgRoots of the Greenbelt Phase II
$39,000 (One year)

The project builds support among the public and municipal leaders for natural heritage systems planning in the Greenbelt. Ontario Nature will reach out to select municipalities to promote greater uptake of progressive municipal policies such as those highlighted in the Best Practices Guide to Natural Heritage Systems Planning developed in Phase I of the project.



Ontario Headwaters Institute

headwaters_2014.jpgHeadwater Hikes in the Greenbelt
$22,550 (One year)

The Ontario Headwaters Institute will develop ten headwater hikes in the Greenbelt. The hikes will look to improve public understanding of the important role of these features in the health of the Greenbelt’s biodiversity and downstream watersheds.


Nature Conservancy of Canada

ncc_2014.jpgDestination - Greenbelt East!
$52,000 (One year)

As a way of broadening awareness and deepening support for the Greenbelt in Northumberland County, the Nature Conservancy and Alderville First Nations will host workshops for conservationists, guided public tours, school outings, and a Greenbelt Prairie Day in the Rice Lake Plains area. With the First Nation’s Ecology Centre as the project “hub”, the partners will also connect with private landowners to encourage stewardship on their lands; and, with public landowners and community partners to help promote the Greenbelt. 


Grape Growers of Ontario

grape_2014.jpgCelebrity Luncheon
$20,000 (Two years)

The Grape Growers of Ontario’s Celebrity Luncheon is the official kickoff event to the Niagara Grape and Wine Festival, and is a celebration of locally grown Greenbelt food and VQA Ontario wines. This event enables growers, industry partners and consumers to connect the land to the table, with VQA wines and a Greenbelt-grown menu.


Credit Valley Conservation Foundation

cvc_2014.jpgAchieving Wetland Restoration Through an Environmental Benefits Index
$40,000 (18 months)

Wetlands are the most ecologically beneficial features on the Greenbelt and their restoration can greatly enhance its natural capital. This project will develop and test an Environmental Benefits Index for wetlands in the Greenbelt that will allow users to determine the environmental and social benefits of individual restoration projects. These scores can be used to prioritize restoration and land securement projects and to allocate funding for cost-share stewardship. 


MaRs Discovery District

Social Innovation Lab - model of food system change
$10,000 (9 months)

The project hosts a Social Innovation Lab on food innovation, safety and security to determine the needed conditions for small-scale producers, processors and retailers to enter the food system and scale up.


Toronto Botanical Garden

world-crops.pngWorld Crops at Canada Blooms
$15,000 (6 months)

The projects showcases new world vegetables varieties being tested by Niagara’s Vineland Research and Innovation Centre and commercially grown by Greenbelt farmers. An edible garden featuring okra, Chinese long eggplant, yard long beans, Jamaican callalo and other vegetables will be on display. Visitors are given seed packets to try the new crops at home.


Earthroots Foundation

Ganaraska-sm.pngPreparing for a Successful 2015 Review
$300,000 (2 years)

The scheduled provincial review of the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Act in 2015, presents an opportunity to celebrate the Moraine’s importance as the “rainbarrel” and source of clean drinking water for eight million residents in southern Ontario. A coalition of environmental organizations including Earthroots, Ecospark, Ontario Nature, and STORM, will also engage the public and key stakeholders to assess the Act’s impact and opportunities to strengthen protection, particularly in conserving groundwater resources and curbing the practice of burying of contaminated fill in the Moraine.


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