Green Zone 2025 at the Global Greenbelts Conference


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Now is your chance to attend the first ever Global Greenbelts Conference in Toronto, Canada from March 22nd to March 24th, 2011. Registration forGreenbelts: Local Solutions for Global Challenges is open -- so take the opportunity to register now at our Early Bird Rate before it’s too late!

  Over thirty speakers from across the globe will share their experiences and perspectives on tackling the complex challenges in protecting our ecosystems and the numerous benefits they provide, and in sustaining farming and the vibrancy of surrounding communities.

  Mr. Rob Hindle, from Merseyside in the United Kingdom will speak about the Green Zone 2025 Action Plan. Merseyside, an important sub-region in the North West of England, has long been characterized as an urban area, however, like most City Regions, it has important rural elements as well. This includes, but is not exclusively defined by, a statutory Green Belt.

One in three of the city region’s businesses are based in the Green Zone. Together they contribute 24.2 percent of Merseyside’s Gross Value Added and host 22 percent of all employment.

  The Green Zone 2025 initiative is an attempt to raise awareness of the asset which rural space represents and to present it as an important part of the City Region’s “value proposition”. Ultimately, the goal is to embed the contribution and potential of the Green Zone within the consciousness of the City Region’s leaders, to ensure a co-ordinated and strategic approach to questions around future land use, spatial planning, economic development and investment. 

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