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Evaluating the Economic Benefits of Greenbelt Assets

Tags: Livable Communities, Research

The Greenbelt delivers $9.1 billion economic impact every year and 161,000 full-time equivalent jobs in Ontario depend on it. It serves as a solid anchor for the region’s agricultural, tourism and recreation industries.

Climate Change Adaption: Ontario's Resilient Greenbelt

Tags: Research, Green Infrastructure

This report examines the potential impacts, both positive and negative, of climate change on the long-term viability of the Greenbelt, and proposes a suite of measures that would allow for adaptation.

Ontario's Greenbelt in an International Context

Tags: Livable Communities, Research

An exploration of greenbelts around the world, that protect prime agricultural lands, environmentally-sensitive areas, and natural and cultural heritage features.

Cootes to Escarpment Conservation and Land Management Strategy

Tags: Grant, Resilient Greenbelt

The Royal Botanical Gardens led a collaborative to undertake a conservation and land management planning process to protect 4,000 acres of natural Greenbelt lands within the municipalities of Hamilton and Burlington.

Dollars and Sense: Opportunities to Strengthen Southern Ontario’s Food System

Tags: Food and Farming, Economic Development

If local production expanded to replace 10% of the top 10 fruit and vegetable imports, the Ontario economy would gain close to quarter of a billion dollars in GDP and 3,400 full-time jobs.

The Agricultural System: Components, Linkages, and Rationale

Tags: Food and Farming, Economic Development

This paper, written by Dr. Wayne Caldwell from the University of Guelph, provides an overview of the agricultural system and its component parts.

Greenbelt Farmers: Sowing the Seeds of Success

Tags: Economic Development, Livable Communities

A close look at 9 local farm operations that are innovating and adapting their businesses to ensure economic prosperity to their families, communities, and Ontario’s $34 billion agri-food sector.

Farmland at Risk

Tags: Food and Farming, Livable Communities

Farmland makes up about half of the land area of the Greater Golden Horseshoe and represents one of the most important economic sectors of the region, contributing $11 billion and 38,000 jobs to Ontario’s economy.

Natural Heritage Features Mapping: Challenges and Best Practices

Tags: Ecosystem services, Research

This study examines the process by which natural heritage features are mapped and communicated to the public by municipalities.

Agricultural Advisory Committees: Recognizing the Value of Agriculture in the Golden Horseshoe

Tags: Economic Development, Research

Produced in collaboration with the Golden Horseshoe Food and Farming Alliance, this report examines the structure, challenges, and successes of AACs across the region.

Greenbelt Farmers: Sustaining Soil Health

Tags: Food & Farming, Research

Dig into the stories of 14 farmers who are using a variety of innovative practices to improve their soil health.

Agriculture Trends and Updates: Understanding the Greenbelt’s Unique Advantages

Tags: Economic Development, Local Food and Drink

High quality soils, unique climates, and direct access to Canada’s largest market are a recipe for success for Greenbelt agriculture.

Green Infrastructure Guide for Small Cities, Towns and Rural Communities

Tags: Climate Resilience, Research

By incorporating nature into the built environment, Green Infrastructure can improve water quality, reduce infrastructure costs, reduce the flood risk, and ensure our watersheds and communities are more resilient to climate change.

Tender Fruit Acreage Revitalization Initiative

Tags: Economic Development, Local Food and Drink

An innovative program to increase acreage in production, yields and overall quality of Niagara tender fruit, specifically peaches, nectarines, pears and plums.

Smart Prosperity Institute

Tags: Economic Development, Grant

Smart Prosperity Institute's Municipal Natural Assets Initiative (MNAI) project, successfully 'mainstreamed' decisions to protect and invest in natural capital.

Municipal Natural Assets Initiative Society

Tags: Climate Resilience, Grant

By taking the value and role of natural assets into account, municipalities across the Greenbelt can reduce infrastructure costs and increase climate resilience.

The Shared Path Consultation Initiative

Tags: Grant, Livable Communities

Park People

Tags: Livable Communities, Grant

A project recognizing the Greenbelt's newly protected Urban River Valleys while facilitating the use, enjoyment and stewardship of these unique spaces by local residents and tourists.

Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation

Tags: Grant, Livable Communities

An Indigenous-led pilot program that physically brands a cultural narrative on the landscape asa reminder of the deep ancestral connections of the First Nations, Métis and Indigenous communities in the Greenbelt.

Wilderness Eco-Adventures in the Bruce

Tags: Livable Communities, Grant

Year-round, guided outdoor adventures on the Bruce Peninsula support environmental education, local economy and rural vitality–enhancing the benefits realized from the protected Greenbelt.

Foodshare: Strengthening Farmers' Markets

Tags: Food and Farming, Economic Development

The Greenbelt Foundation continues to support the Greenbelt Farmers' Market Network in expanding, innovating, and provide professional development to market managers.

The Stop Community Food Centre

Tags: Food and Farming, Local Food and Drink

This grant set out to purchase and grow seedlings for 20 community gardens, showcasing world crops.

Highlighting Ontario's Natural Wonder: the Oak Ridges Moraine!

Tags: Economic Development, News

Formed over 12,000 years ago by advancing and retreating glaciers, the Oak Ridges Moraine currently forms the watershed divide between Lake Ontario and Lake Simcoe, and is the headwaters to more than 30 rivers.

A “Masterpiece of Living Art”: the Niagara Escarpment.

Tags: Local Food and Drink, News

Considered one of the world’s natural wonders, the Escarpment is considered a “masterpiece of living art” and has officially been recognized as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve site.

Local Leadership Matters: Ontario Municipalities Taking Action to Strengthen the Greenbelt

Tags: Livable Communities, Research

From tree planting to local food processing, this report looks at a mix of initiatives and tools 30 municipalities are using to enhance Ontario’s Greenbelt.

Winners of Photo Contest on Display in Grimsby

Tags: News, Water

Press Release: 20 Winning Photos showcased at Grimsby Public Art Gallery as last stop on Photo Tour.

Friend of the Greenbelt Award Presented to David Crombie and Co-ordinated Review Panel

Tags: News, Livable Communities

Press Release: The Greenbelt Foundation celebrated David Crombie and the Co-ordinated Review Advisory Panel for their leadership in enhancing and growing the Greenbelt.

Winners of Third Greenbelt Photo Contest Celebrated at McMichael Canadian Art Collection

Tags: News, Public Engagement

Press Release: Winning photos celebrate our connections to the Greenbelt and all it has to offer

Greenbelt Foundation Now Accepting Funding Applications

Tags: News, Climate Resilience

Press Release: The Greenbelt Foundation has launched two new funding streams to protect and enhance Ontario’s Greenbelt.

Small Plot Agriculture Workshop Huge Success

Tags: Economic Development, News

Press Release: Greenbelt Foundation partners with the Golden Horseshoe Food and Farming Alliance and Niagara Region, workshop explores aspects of operating a small farm

Erin Soil Health Coalition Launches with Farmer Forum

Tags: News, Water

Press Release: One-year pilot project will bring farmers in Erin together with citizen scientist volunteers to improve soil health

New Greenbelt River Valley Connector Program will fund projects to realize the potential of newly protected Greenbelt urban river valleys

Tags: News, Urban River Valleys

Press Release: New program will fund projects to realize the potential of newly protected Greenbelt urban river valleys

1,000km Cycling Route Challenges Riders to Take Trip of a Lifetime Through Greenbelt and Great Lakes

Tags: News, Livable Communities

Press Release: The Grand Greenbelt and Great Lakes Cycle Route takes Ontario cycle-tourism to new levels

Urban Rivers get more love with Greenbelt River Valley Connector Program grant recipients announced

Tags: News, Urban River Valley

Press Release: The Greenbelt Foundation and Park People are thrilled to announce the 2018 grant recipients of the Greenbelt River Valley Connector Program.


Tags: News, Livable Communities

Press Release: The Greenbelt Foundation invites applications for funding to protect and enhance Ontario’s Greenbelt and its water systems in particular

New Report Shows How Climate Change Impacts Gardening

Tags: News, Climate Change

Press Release: “Gardening in a Changing Climate” identifies how gardeners can take action in their own yards to reduce impacts of climate change

New Report: Climate Change Impacting Birding

Tags: News, Climate Change

Press Release: “Birds in a Changing Climate” highlights 31 species of Greenbelt birds that are climate threatened or endangered and actions to mitigate these impacts


Tags: News, Recreation

Press Release: Greenbelt Foundation partners with RinkWatch to discuss how unpredictable weather could make rink-making a thing of the past for Southern Ontarians

In a Changing Climate

Tags: News, Water

The entire Greater Golden Horseshoe region is being affected by a combination of climate change and population growth. It is now commonly accepted that current climatic changes and extreme weather impacts are just the beginning.

Ducks Unlimited Canada

Tags: Climate Resilience, Grant

A partnership with Ducks Unlimited to support the installation of a naturalized stormwater management system in a new development site.

Rebuilding Consumer Trust in Farmers' Markets

Tags: Food and Farming, Economic Development

In 2018-2019, the GFMN focused on increasing the volume, diversity and sales of local food for Greenbelt farmers and raising public awareness of local agriculture.

Credit Valley Trail Master Plan

Tags: Livable Communities, Grant

The Credit Valley Conservation Foundation Board has created and approved the Credit Valley Trail (CVT) Strategy.

The Greenbelt Moccasin Identifier Program - Planning Grant

Tags: Grant, Livable Communities

The planning grant provided capacity to the Mississauga of the Credit First Nations to develop ideas, partnerships and workplans for Greenbelt-wide Moccasin Identifier Program to reflect the presence of First Nations on the land.

Enhancing the Resilience of the Greenbelt (Phase 1)

Tags: Grant, Resilient Greenbelt

Ontario Nature is supporting the Federal government’s high profile international commitment to conserve 17% of land and freshwater by 2020.

Protecting Natural Core Areas and Corridors in the Spirit and Practice of Reconciliation (Phase 2)

Tags: Grant, Green Infrastructure

Ontario Nature is advancing the protection of natural core areas and connection corridors throughout the GGH.

Resilient Circle of Green

Tags: Natural Systems, Grant

Bowmanville Valleys 2000 is enhancing access to and user-experience of the greenspaces that surround Bowmanville by creating digital wayfinding stations that build community awareness of the Greenbelt-protected Bowmanville and Soper Creek river valleys.

Humber River Valley Outreach Project

Tags: Natural Systems, Grant

City of Vaughan successfully engaged its community in enhancing the local Humber River valley with an open house and the planting of a pollinator garden at Doctors McLean Park.

Find-Your-Flavour Tour in Durham

Tags: Food and Farming, Grant

Durham Region's Farm Fresh Marketing Association has developed an agri-tourism route that connects visitors with eight farms, allowing them to sample local products and meet the farmers who produce their food.

Greening the Rouge Watershed

Tags: Grant, Public Engagement

Friends of the Rouge Watershed is engaging 2,000 youth and community volunteers to take part in restoration and stewardship initiatives within the Rouge River Watershed.

Grape Growers Celebrity Luncheon

Tags: Food and Farming, Local Food and Drink

This fundraiser promotes local food and drink, and includes talks on best wine-growing practices, industry success stories, and goals for strengthening the local wine sector.

Farm Visits

Tags: Food and Farming, Grant

Green Thumbs Growing Kids connects youth with the Greenbelt's agricultural sector and illuminates the importance of local food systems to rural economies.

Thornton Bales Trailhead Improvement

Tags: Livable Communities, Grant

Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority is transforming the entrance to Thornton Bales Conservation Area, encouraging recreational cycling and low carbon tourism activities.

Ontario Streams: River Valley Restoration Projects

Tags: Natural Systems, Grant

Ontario Streams is engaging residents and community members in Richmond Hill, Markham and Brampton to take part in stream restoration and stewardship initiatives.

Lake Simcoe Greenlands Mapping

Tags: Grant, Water

Rescue Lake Simcoe Charitable Foundation is collaborating with local stakeholders and residents to identify a set of key recommendations for the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan and opportunities to reach 40% natural cover in the area - a target encouraged in the Plan.

Critters and Creeks

Tags: Ecosystem services, Grant

With a focus on pollinators and airborne wildlife, The Riverwood Conservancy will engage 830 volunteers and school children in hands-on restoration efforts and environmental programming. The Critters and Creeks project will build a greater understanding and appreciation for pollinators and other airborne wildlife and the important role they play in our ecosystem.

Resilient Relationships

Tags: Ecosystem services, Grant

The Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust is providing long-term protection and stewardship of key natural heritage and agricultural lands across the Oak Ridges Moraine and surrounding Greenbelt landscape.

Restoring and Enhancing Niagara’s Only Coldwater Resource: Twelve Mile Creek

Tags: Natural Systems, Grant

Trout Unlimited Canada–Niagara Chapter is working with local landowners to improve water quality within Upper Twelve Mile Creek watershed's sensitive coldwater ecosystem.

World Wildlife Fund: Shifting the Paradigm Forum - 2019

Tags: Ecosystem services, Grant

Shifting the Paradigm 2019 is a day-long forum led by the World Wildlife Fund designed to stimulate cross-sector conversations and actions that will accelerate progress towards creating healthy landscapes and resilient communities.

Greenbelt Protected Urban River Valleys

Tags: News, Urban River Valleys

The addition of these waterways to the Greenbelt is an important recognition of the vital role the Greenbelt plays in protecting the hydrological features we rely on for clean drinking water, flood protection, and healthy ecosystems.

Mental Health in a Changing Climate

Tags: Research, Climate Change

An examination of the impacts of climate change on the physical and mental well-being of youth, women and newcomers.

Gardening in a Changing Climate

Tags: Research, Climate Change

Explore how a changing climate is impacting gardening and what you can do in your own garden to take action.

Newcomers in a Changing Climate

Tags: Research, Climate Change

Based on the longer Mental Health in a Changing Climate series of reports, this short digest highlights the effects of climate change on newcomers in the Greater Golden Horseshoe

Women in a Changing Climate

Tags: Research, Climate Resilience

The social positioning of women as caregivers is known to add increased psychological stress during extreme weather events. 

Youth in a Changing Climate

Tags: Research, Climate Change

Research suggests that youth are at increased risk of longterm trauma, such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Birds in a Changing Climate

Tags: Research, Climate Change

Some 31 species of birds in the Greenbelt are already at risk, and will become increasingly vulnerable as climate change adds to other treats, including habitat loss.

Health in a Changing Climate

Tags: Research, Climate Change

Climate change is the greatest environmental issue of our time; it is also the greatest health issue of our era.

Hockey in a Changing Climate

Tags: Research, Climate Change

The fate of the outdoor skating rink is symptomatic of the many challenges we must confront in the face of a rapidly changing climate.

Biodiversity in a Changing Climate

Tags: Research, Climate Change

Scientific evidence suggests that biodiversity is in decline across the globe, and that one of the drivers of this phenomenon is climate change.

Fresh Water in a Changing Climate

Tags: Research, Water

Ontario has 250,000 lakes, containing about one-fifth of the world’s fresh water. Unfortunately, this unique offering could be undermined by climate change.

Natural Infrastructure in a Changing Climate

Tags: Research, Climate Change

In partnership with York Region and Jenny Hill, Assistant Dean, Academic Planning and Governance at the University of Toronto, we're exploring the positive impacts natural infrastructure can have on a changing climate.

Cooling Corridors: The Role of Green Infrastructure in Building Resilience to Extreme Heat

Tags: Research, Climate Resilience

“Cooling Corridors..." is the first report of its kind that quantifies the positive impact that the Greenbelt’s urban river valleys have on temperature. Using climate modeling in two neighbourhoods in Peel Region, the report finds that tree canopy provides cooling benefits to local residents and that there is the opportunity to significantly increase these benefits.

Greenbelt Farmers' Market Network - Now Online

Tags: Food and Farming, News

Press Release: New Greenbelt Foundation Report Reveals Critical Cooling Effect of Tree Canopies

Tags: News, Climate Resilience

Using climate modeling in two neighbourhoods in Peel Region, the report finds that increasing the number of mature trees could lower average daily temperatures by 2 °C and at times it could feel as much as 11 °C cooler.

Press Release: Report Shows that Investments in Natural Infrastructure Have Significant Economic Returns

Tags: News, Natural Systems

By investing in natural areas, municipalities can save money, reduce reliance on expensive built infrastructure, mitigate the effects of extreme weather and create much-needed jobs.

Review of Implementation of the Water Resource System in the Greenbelt

Tags: Research, Natural Systems

There is a need for updated and finer resolution mapping with layers that delineate surface and sub-surface hydrologic features and elements that reflect hydrologic functions.

State of Large Parks in Ontario's Golden Horseshoe

Tags: Research, Climate Resilience