Facelift 2010


Pre-facelift Greenbelt site. 

In its six years of existence, the Greenbelt Foundation has created, inspired and collected a plethora of meaningful content on issues and efforts relating to the environment, agriculture, economy, and growth & planning in Ontario’s Greenbelt. From hundreds of grantee stories and events, to insightful research papers to Foundation events and publications the amount of interesting and engaging content is truly inspiring. However, some of this content can be, at times, hard to find. I feel that our website is an important communication tool to both manage this content and to give a voice to the Greenbelt.  

So over the last several weeks the team has been working hand-in-hand with the Jonah Group to give the website a much needed facelift.  We’ve been organizing our content to dynamically showcase both the amazing stories of individuals and the Foundation’s work in a more easy-to-use Greenbelt website.

Same great Greenbelt, a whole new look.

The new website is set to launch by the end of November. It hasn’t required as many sleepless nights as I originally thought (thanks in part to our new Communications Assistant Melissa) and has truly been a worthwhile and enjoyable undertaking. It let me take a trip down memory lane as we sifted through old articles, papers and grantee efforts – going back into the archives rereading research papers and industry stories that are as relevant today as they were years ago.

I hope it will give you an opportunity to learn, or relearn, about the remarkable ways Ontario’s Greenbelt and the Foundation inspires us to think and act more sustainably as we continue to protect and preserve this incredible legacy. 

--Susan Murray, Communications Director

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