Greenbelt Fall Funding Programs Announced

Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation’s is now accepting proposals for our Prosperous Greenbelt and Resilient Greenbelt funding streams. We wish to express an interest in enhancing the role the Greenbelt’s water resource systems, including wetlands, recharge areas and river valleys, play in the continued prosperity and high quality of life offered in the Greater Golden Horseshoe. 

The Greenbelt’s lakes, rivers, underground aquifers, wetlands and other hydrological features are critical to community health, as a source of clean drinking water for millions of residents and underpin important agricultural and recreation-based rural economies worth $9.1 billion and 161,000 jobs to the region. Each year forests save $189 million in drinking water filtration costs while wetlands save another $379 million a year in flood control costs and avoided infrastructure and property damage. Over 9 million people can readily access the Greenbelt’s natural areas.

With continued growth, urbanization and the intensifying impacts of climate change, inspired thinking and investments in the Greenbelt and its urban river valleys are needed to meet today’s rising challenges – protecting water quality, reducing flood risks, conserving water in agricultural soils and providing respite from daily stresses and the enjoyment of nature.

Actions in this area of interest likely address goals across both our funding streams. More information on our Prosperous Greenbelt and Resilient Greenbelt funding streams and application deadlines are detailed below.

General Information on Funding Streams and Deadlines

Ontario's Greenbelt protects farmland, natural systems and an abundant supply of clean water in the Greater Golden Horseshoe. This region is home to 70% of Ontarians and expected to grow by 3.8 million people and an additional 1.8 million jobs by 2041.  The continued prosperity and livability of the region will be determined to a very significant degree by the success and strength of the Greenbelt and supportive programs. 

By investing in the opportunities provided by the Greenbelt, the Foundation is helping to ensure Ontarians benefit from a working countryside that includes agriculture, one of the province's top economies. This sector supports $9.1 billion in economic activity every year and enjoys a $3.2 billion "return on environment" through eco-system services.

Funding priorities for Prosperous Greenbelt build on the unique character of the Greenbelt's agricultural and natural landscape by investing in projects that generate economic activity to support the agricultural economy, rural vitality including outdoor recreation and tourism, and planning for climate resilient communities.

The Resilient Greenbelt funding stream works with nature to increase public benefits provided by the Greenbelt's natural resources and river valleys, such as flood protection, fresh water, clean air, local food and the enjoyment of nature.  Through a climate mitigation and adaptation lens, the health of the Greenbelt and its river valleys are essential in improving resilience in the region.  

The Foundation is able to fund charities and not-for-profit organizations.  To be considered for funding, your organization must submit a Letter of Intent that outlines a case for support including your project idea and budget.  Letters are due no later than September 28, 2018 by 5:00pm EST.

Full details on the Foundation's Funding Program can be found at: and the 2018 Grant Guidelines. Applicants are asked to use the Foundation's grant portal to submit materials.  All organizations must first register and complete the eligibility quiz before proceeding to submit a Letter of Intent.

We encourage all potential applicants to contact the Foundation to discuss your idea prior to submitting a Letter of Intent.  The Foundation's grant program staff can be reached at and at 416-960-0001 ext. 301 or ext. 310.

The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation is a non-partisan, registered charity, separate from government.

This project has received funding from the Government of Ontario.  Such support does not indicate endorsement by the Government of Ontario of the contents of this material

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