1. Greenbelt Success

The Stop Community Food Centre & Vineland Research and Innovation Centre have teamed up to diversify food production in Ontario's Greenbelt. The research has identified five different fruits and vegetables: calloloo, fuzzy melon, okra, eggplant and yard long bearns - which have traditionally been imported but can now be successfully grown in the Greenbelt. The Foundation is proud to fund this innovative research, which not only supports the local farming industry, but helps to reduce energy consumption.

2. More Poll Results

Five years after it was enacted, the Greenbelt continues to be the most recognized environmental initiative in the province. When asked "What programs, initiative or government acts have you heard of, if any, that will protect the natural environment....", the Greenbelt was mentioned more than any other response. The poll was conducted by Environics earlier this year.

To see the 2010 Poll results visit:

3. Greenbelt Maps

Since the Greenbelt Act and the Foundation came into effect in 2005, we have worked with cartographer Chris Brackley of As the Crow Flies Cartography. Together we create an ever growing set of Greenbelt maps. These maps vibrantly demonstrate the Greenbelt's agriculture, natural resources and settlement areas. We have made this valuable information widely available to a variety of experts, government officials and NGOs.

To see our collection of maps visit: 

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