Greenbelt Grows into Niagara! Job Opening: Director for the Niagara Office

Seeking a Director for Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation office in Niagara.

Ontario’s Greenbelt is the solution for clean air, fresh water and healthy local food.  At 1.8 million acres, it is the world’s largest greenbelt preserving productive farmland, forests, and wetlands from urban development.

The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation is an independent, charitable organization dedicated to promoting and sustaining Ontario’s Greenbelt. The Foundation supports work to protect and restore our natural environment, strengthen the agricultural sector, and create a pattern of urban settlement that supports the Greenbelt.

Scope of Work:

The primary objective of this role is to establish a presence for the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation in Niagara.

The successful candidate will hire a support person who will conduct administrative support functions as well as provide communications and program support.  The work undertaken by this team would include, but is not limited to:

  • be a visible spokesperson for the Greenbelt: create positive stories as well as respond to relevant Greenbelt-related stories and issues in the region
  • lobby politicians and bureaucrats
  • organize citizens and groups, linking especially to our Engagement Program
  • attend all local meetings dealing with 2015 Review issues
  • hold “Greenbelt Days” at City/Regional Halls
  • comment on 2015 Review proposals by municipal government
  • understand and get involved in specific local Greenbelt boundary issues
  • keep us informed as to key issues or needs in the region


  • lives in the region and has done so for some time;
  • is a credible, known local entity in the business, agriculture, politics, media or NGO world;
  • enjoys the respect of all stakeholders and is not seen as a strong political partisan one way or another;
  • work experience in one or more of the key Greenbelt issues: planning, agriculture, environment or tourism
  • a great sense of humour

The successful candidate must have a valid Ontario driver’s license with no at-fault accidents in the last three years. 

We are also open to make this a part-time position but would need a minimum of 3 days per week. 

Application Process:  

Please send a cover letter and curriculum vitae outlining your interest and qualifications for this position to:

Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation

Email: info [at]

Subject: Director of the Niagara Office

Competition opening date: April 24, 2014

Competition closing date: June 6, 2014


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