Guest Post: Our youngest champion meets his Greenbelt heroes


On the evening of December 4, 2015 the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation honoured former Premier Dalton McGuinty with the Friend of the Greenbelt Award.

Some 400 guests joined us for the celebration - from our partners and grantees, to our Greenbelt Friends and champions, to elected officials and long-time Greenbelt activists.

But among all our notable guests, it was our smallest attendee who made the biggest impression. At 7-years old, Alexander—a Friend of the Greenbelt and dedicated environmentalist—was not only our youngest guest, he was also our most enthusiastic.

After seeing Alexander work the crowd like a pro, we wanted to get his thoughts on the evening, on the Greenbelt, and on meeting the former Premier.

Here’s what he had to say!

On meeting Dalton McGuinty
I'm a kid. Not an adult…I'm the luckiest kid in my whole entire school. Maybe even the whole entire country. Because I got to meet Dalton McGinty. If you don't know who Dalton McGuinty is, look it up online.

… And you'll faint when you hear this: I got his autograph!

On meeting Hazel McCallion, former Mayor of Mississauga, 
I also met Hazel McCallion and I got her autograph, and she gave me a Hazel McCallion coin…Hazel is really famous and she also she's a really good lady!

On his evening at the Friend of the Greenbelt Awards
If there's ever a celebration about the Greenbelt, if you want to meet me and maybe McGinty and other people, just go to that event because I will probably be there. Plus I was the second most popular person at the event because I was the only kid there!

On what the Greenbelt means to him
The Greenbelt means a lot to me. It means nature. It means a piece of my heart. It means love. It means affection. It means family. The Greenbelt helps other people, like farmers. It gives them money, vegetables, harvests. And it also gives farmers lots of crops to sell.

I think about the issues like if they build airports, grass will be wiped right out and animals will get killed. And if there's humans walking by the construction, even humans can get killed. So I'm trying to protect humans, grass, animals, and the construction workers who are also humans. And the crops, too.

The Greenbelt should be protected because it's part of nature, and I'm an Earth Ranger. In fact I met the head of Earth Rangers at the celebration!

On his goals for the future
One of my goals for the future is to plant some trees on Mars and owning my own whole entire planet. And also melting all the water, because you can't live without water. Everybody knows that for sure. I'm going to accomplish that dream by taking a two year long trip to Mars, planting a bunch of trees with my mom, and then when the trees are done growing a bunch of people from Earth can move in. 

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