Hampton Junior Public School awarded Friend of the Greenbelt Certificate

Greenbelt staff presenting Friend of the Greenbelt certificate to students of Hampton Junior Public School. Artist Patty Bowman Kingsley (r) led guided the creation of the impressive mural. 

On Wednesday May 18 we had the privilege of awarding the students of Hampton Junior Public School in Clarington a Friends of the Greenbelt certificate to celebrate the completion of their colourful and vibrant Greenbelt-inspired mural.  

Commissioned by the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation, and led by talented mural artist Patty Bowman Kingsley, the completed mural depicts natural wildlife and water features.

With Patty's guidance all 175 students from junior kindergarten to grade 3 got a chance to express themselves through art, while learning about importance of Ontario’s Greenbelt. Many students were even inspired to write about the scene they created - stories we got to hear at the award reception! 

See below for pictures and videos! All photos courtesy of Patty Bowman Kingsley.




This is the first mural produced in Clarington by the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation.

Previous murals have been completed in Uxbridge, York, and Halton regions. The Foundation has been involved in the completion of 34 murals across the Greater Golden Horseshoe, increasing awareness about the nearly two million acres of protected farmland, green space, and natural heritage sites.

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