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This hike passes through 80-90 year red pine plantations as well as oak-dominated forests that are around 100 years old. Most of this forest is actively managed for timber harvesting. The Northumberland County Forest is in the centre of an area known as the Rice Lake Plains. This area was historically covered in black oak savannah and Tallgrass prairie. Oak Forest like the one that this trail passes through is being restored throughout the County Forest to steward this extremely rare habitat and the species that depend on it. The Lookout is the site of an old Fire Tower and the concrete footings are still there. This is one of the highest points in the forest at 345m above sea level and provides a great view of the landscape and the rolling hills of the Oak Ridges Moraine to the west .

Start from the Morris Road parking lot head east into the woods and north onto the Oak Ridges Trail (behind the trailhead sign). At 800m the Oak Ridges Trail joins a motorized trail (forest road) for 600m past a communications tower. Beyond location marker 65 you can go left at the intersection to go to a lookout or go right to continue on trail. At location 63, continue straight on trail for 1200m where it will join with the Black Oak and Sweet Fern trails for 1km. Where this trail crosses a Forest Road, turn right onto the forest road (off the Oak Ridges Trail). Take another right at the next junction (Location Marker 70) and follow this trail/forest road east.In 2.8km keep right at location marker 67. 8. In 250m you will be back at parking lot.


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