Robinson Tract

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Moderate | Signed | Extremely Rugged | Narrow & Hilly Terrain

This mixed-wood forest is habitat to a biodiverse ecosystem. Much of the tract consists of natural forest, on low moist ground on the west rising to the east. A former blowsand area in the centre was reforested in 1948. Keep your ears and eyes open to spot woodpeckers, chipmunks, deer and fox! Facilities such as an outhouse and a pavilion are available for your use.


Grab your hiking gear and come explore the Greenbelt's beautiful, protected countryside.
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Headwaters comprise a variety of permanent and temporary streams, springs and wetlands. Although often hidden, they make up the majority of streams in the Greenbelt. Headwaters play critical ecological roles: filtering and supplying clean drinking water to thousands of Ontarians; providing habitat for rare flora and fauna; and regulating water flow to reduce downstream flooding and erosion.

York Region Ontario Headwaters