Short Hills

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Moderate | Unsigned | Rugged | Slippery When Wet

Home to some of the last remaining Carolinian Forest, Short Hills Provincial Park is part of the Fonthill Kame, a large mound of earth left behind by retreating glaciers. It is the highest point in the Niagara Region and the headwaters of Twelve Mile Creek, which runs through the Greenbelt. The park protects a large number of permanent and temporary streams, pools and pocket wetlands, as well as rare flora and fauna including sassafras, black oak, and brown and brook trout.


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Headwaters comprise a variety of permanent and temporary streams, springs and wetlands. Although often hidden, they make up the majority of streams in the Greenbelt. Headwaters play critical ecological roles: filtering and supplying clean drinking water to thousands of Ontarians; providing habitat for rare flora and fauna; and regulating water flow to reduce downstream flooding and erosion.

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