Terra Cotta

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Easy | Unsigned | Multi-Use Trail

Diversity is the word at Terra Cotta: of landscapes, wildlife and activities, whether hiking through spring trilliums or enjoying the gorgeous colours of autumn. Terra Cotta contains the headwaters of the Credit River watershed, the source of drinking water for more than 750,000 people. The Credit begins in Orangeville and flows through the Greenbelt, draining into Lake Ontario in Mississauga. The hike winds along the cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment and past a series of natural and human-made wetlands restored in the 1990s.


Grab your hiking gear and come explore the Greenbelt's beautiful, protected countryside.
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Headwaters comprise a variety of permanent and temporary streams, springs and wetlands. Although often hidden, they make up the majority of streams in the Greenbelt. Headwaters play critical ecological roles: filtering and supplying clean drinking water to thousands of Ontarians; providing habitat for rare flora and fauna; and regulating water flow to reduce downstream flooding and erosion.

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