Jane’s Walk in the Greenbelt


Join the world-wide walking festival celebrating YOUR neighborhood and YOUR stories.

The Jane’s Walk Festival is happening this weekend (May 1-3)! The annual global festival of community-led walking tours is an opportunity to explore neighbourhoods, tell local stories, and make new connections. All the walks are free and all are citizen-led. There's something for everyone - stay local and learn more about your neighbourhood or venture out to a new city or town to discover new stories and celebrate walkable environments and natural heritage.  

And this year, for the first time, the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation has partnered with the Jane’s Walk festival to launch a new series of walking conversations across the Greenbelt. The Greenbelt-themed Jane’s Walks will take place predominantly in Burlington and surrounding series this first weekend of May. We’ve also partnered with other Greenbelt organizations to offer a guided walk in Kleinburg in early June.

The Jane's Walk Festival gets it’s named from Jane Jacobs, the famed urbanist and activist dedicated to community-based approach to city planning. In fact, Jacob’s considerable influence was instrumental in halting the construction of a proposed Spadina Expressway that would have cut through the center of Toronto. Jacobs was a firm believer in the importance of local residents having their concerns heard in the development of their neighbourhoods.

Inspired by the Jacobs’ work and by Jane’s Walk’s commitment to citizen-led exploration the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation helped to support a pilot project, "Neighbourhood Connectors", to facilitate a new series of Greenbelt-inspired walking conversations in Burlington and nearby areas. The Connectors are a self-selected group of local leaders who received training in how to create, lead, and assist others in organizing Jane’s Walks in their communities. It is hoped that this momentum will carry on into future years and the Connector model will be expanded and replicated in other Greenbelt communities.

This weekend's Greenbelt-themed walks will encourage dialogue on Burlington’s unique geography, natural and cultural heritage, local food, and how the Greenbelt and Growth Plans are shaping the region’s development.

In edition to the walks generated through our connector program, we've also partnered with groups throughout the Greenbelt to offer a Greenbelt-themed Jane's Walk in Niagara and Kleinburg. As a place to grow, eat and play the Greenbelt protects cultural heritage, supports recreation and ensures the protection of natural resources. 

Follow the links below to find a Jane’s Walk in the Greenbelt! See you out there!

Greenbelt-themed Jane's Walks

Other Jane's Walks in the Greenbelt area



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