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In less than 10 years since its creation, Ontario’s Greenbelt has become a provincial treasure. At more than 1.8 million acres, it gives us clean air, fresh water, healthy local food, and it supports a thriving economy with good jobs. But the Greenbelt will only succeed and reach its full potential if it is sustained by the hearts and hands of everyone who values its many benefits to our daily lives.

With your help, we are working to build a community of friends who celebrate and champion all that the Greenbelt has to offer. This fall we are launching our Friends program and we hope you will sign up and become a Friend of the Greenbelt.


Our first of many activities we hope to share with our Friends is “Soup Sundays” – an exciting month-long event where we invite friends to make and share soups made from local Greenbelt ingredients each Sunday in October. It’s not a new diet and we’re not asking you for money – it’s simply a fun way to support the Greenbelt by sharing all that it has to offer!


We will be hosting a telephone talk show on Monday, September 16 from 7PM-8PM to talk about our new Friends program and Soup Sundays. The telephone talk show will feature our resident Greenbelt expert, Susan Murray, to answer any Greenbelt-related questions, and will also feature local chef, Jeff Crump of the Landmark Group of Restaurants, and local farmer, Eric Bowman of Bowmanview, Gallery on the Farm.


If you are able to stay on the call for 30 minutes or longer, you’ll be entered into a draw to win a box of fresh local food for a year. 


We hope to hear your thoughts and questions on September 16th. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates on our Friends program and Soup Sundays!

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