Knuckle Down at Reroot


A few weeks ago I travelled through the countryside to Harriston, Ontario to visit my friend Jenny Cooke’s organic farm, which really, is a farm within a farm. Knuckle Down Organics has about an acre on her friend Caitlin Hall’s 70 acre farm, Reroot Organic. This is Jenny’s first year with a CSA and so far, so good. Jenny told me that it has been a lot of work but, very rewarding and her CSA has been quite successful.




Jenny was fortunate this year to have space for her CSA at Reroot Organic Farm. Benefitting both of the young farmers, Caitlin was a recipient of a Greenbelt Farmers’ Market Network micro-grant, which contributed to helping Jenny with her start-up and the construction of a moveable hoophouse. The hoophouse will help to extend the season for some of the 40 types of vegetables and herbs that are grown in the three acres of farmed organic land.


When I visited the farm I was impressed by the size and amount of food production that was happening. There are pigs, chickens, cows and all kinds of produce. The tomatoes were still producing and the squash fields were starting to ripen.



By providing young farmers like Caitlin and Jenny with microgrants, the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation is helping to build a sustainable farming community that can provide food to Ontarians both inside and outside of the Greenbelt.

-- Julienne Spence, Senior Communications Manager, Greenbelt Fund   

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