Lessons from the Iron Curtain Green Belt


The Iron Curtain Green Belt Photo from BUND



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Over thirty speakers from across the globe will share their experiences and perspectives on tackling the complex challenges in protecting our ecosystems and the numerous benefits they provide, and in sustaining farming and the vibrancy of the surrounding communities.


Dr. Liana Geidezis of BUND (Friends of the Earth) in Germany will share her experiences about the “Iron Curtain” German Green Belt.  For almost 40 years the Iron Curtain has divided Europe running from the Barents Sea at the border between Russia, Norway, and Finland, all the way to the Black Sea at the border between Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey. 


After the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989, BUND started the inner-German Green Belt Project. It now stretches 1, 393 km, and is meant to protect a system of interconnected habitats, of which 85% currently remain ecologically intact. Over 600 endangered animals and plant species reside within the Green Belt.  In the 22 years since the end of the Cold War era, it has become obvious how important the Green Belt is for nature conservation and as a living historical monument.


 “The [Iron Curtain] Green Belt story has so many lessons for the rest of the world” writes Margaret Carney in “Whitby This Week”. To read more about the article visit http://www.durhamregion.com/article/162757 


To register for the Conference to learn more about the opportunities the Iron Curtain Green Belt presents for nature conservation and sustainable regional development, and much more visit www.globalgreenbeltsconference.ca

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